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Finding Lodging at Florida's Popular Spring Break Spots

Spring Break is something that students look forward to each year. It is a chance to throw off the old, have new experiences and meet new friends. One of the things to be considered is housing during this weeklong event. There are hotels, B&B's, camping and RV hookups available.

First, pick your destination. This may be Clearwater, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers Beach, Key West, Miami Beach or Panama City. It makes sense to have a location near where you are intending to spend the majority of your time.

Second, pick the type of accommodations you are looking for. If you are with friends consider sharing a room. Many places do not mind if there are several people in one room as long as there is not a lot of uncontrolled partying going on.

Rates will vary depending on the time of the year you are having your break. The Hotel Inn Resort at Panama Beach, for example, offers rooms at $38 if you are going to be there from March 5-12. The rates go up to $53 during the week of April 2-9. However, it is important to check out a number of locations to find the best deals. Be sure to find out how many people are allowed in a room if you plan on sharing.

An RV Park at Panama Beach offers a daily rate of $54.95 or $330 for the week. Tent camping is allowed in places such as Daytona Beach KOA and Daytona Beach International RV Park and Campground. These sites provide bathrooms and other facilities. Prices depend on the time of year reservations are made.

Once you have secured a place to stay, it is time to have some fun. There is no end to the excitement of spending a Spring Break on Florida Beaches.

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Finding Lodging for Spring Break

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