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Miami Muscle Beach - Think of Toned Bodies on the Beautiful Beach

Muscle Beach, situated in Lummus Park, Miami is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the city. It is situated in South Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Home of Body Builders
You will immediately recognize the beach as it has been featured in a number of Hollywood movies and TV shows. It has been popularly called the Venice of America and rightly so but those who live in the American version have more freedoms and face lower taxes but this is another topic.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of body builders and watchers alike flock the beach daily. The beach is littered with traditional gym equipment; you will find plenty of body builders working out in the open, perfecting their body.

Every year, there are several boot camps conducted on the beach where body builders from the across the city and state participate to show off their hard work.

Colorful and Active Life
If you get tired of watching body builders work out, you can head out to the ocean to surf, swim, snorkel, and play with other water toys. Or, alternatively, you can simply lie down for a session of sun soaking. You will find the people colorful, active, and fun loving.

Restaurants and Cafés
There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, and hotels lined up across the South Beach. This presents a perfect opportunity for you to eat some outstanding food.

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Miami Muscle Beach - Think of Toned Bodies on the Beautiful Beach

Article's Author: Benjamin Roussey
Published in: travel

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