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Interview with Baccano Restaurant in Wynwood Miami

Interview with Baccano Restaurant

Without a doubt, Miami has an overwhelming variety of choices when it comes to restaurants. Whichever way you look there are at least two places that serve food. With that being said, the quantity does not always translate into quality. In this sea of restaurants, it is often hard to find an authentic, unique, friendly place that not only makes you comfortable, but that also serves food you’ll be telling all your friends about. Once in a while, you stumble upon the one that will make you so happy you’ll want to burst from excitement. And that’s how I felt one day when I discovered Baccano restaurant while visiting Wynwood...
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TZUL's New FW Collection "7"

February, TZUL announced the release of its new Fall/Winter Collection “7”, revealing a unique thirty-piece collection of ensembles, designed and handcrafted in Miami, FL. TZUL, a clothing line out of Miami, FL plans to set a tone while expanding current endeavors within this year’s time. “Seven” is TZUL’s FW Collection...
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The Flamingo House - Art in the Alley

The once salmon and purple colored sky transformed into a vast expanse of a jet-black night sky that engulfed the alleyway of the Boca Raton ROC Urban community spaces. Stars fill the sky like pale corn being turned into the freshly turned ground. Most alleyways make people feel as if something eerie is just around the corner. But The Flamingo House located at 4160 NW 1 Ave Suite 16 in Boca Raton turns the alleyway into a night of art, live music, vendors, and more....
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Exotic Car Show in Miami

Car Show on the Concourse

The city of Bay Harbor Islands hosted an event called “Car Show on the Concourse” – classic and exotic car show presented by the town and Cobra Joe productions. This was truly a family event with plenty of things to do for everyone. The event was free for all spectators who got to enjoy some of the most beautiful automobiles that were ever built.... continue reading

Best Live Entertainment in Miami

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting the following interview at Miami Beach with Berangely “Bengy” Cid, who is well known in the entertainment industry. Starting at the age of 12, this amazing woman has worked her way up through the entertainment world using determination and hard work. Universal Records in Paris, France signed her as a recording artist at the age of 28. From there she continued to grow with shows, festivals and music videos... Continue reading interview with Zhantra

Paraiso Fashion Fair Party @ W Hotel South Beach

On Saturday, May 5th, Paraiso Fashion Fair held a private event at the beautiful W Hotel South Beach. Fashion insiders, designers, industry professionals and members of local media were in attendance to get a first look at what Paraiso is bringing to Miami. PARAISO will debut in Miami Beach on July 12-16...
Videos and pictures from Paraiso Fashion Fair event

Miami Beach Fashion Boutique Roses & Dreams

Interview with Miami Beach Fashion Boutique Roses & Dreams

“If you work hard your dreams will come true …” We have all heard this motivational phrase ever since we were kids, but for Valérie Mélanie Engel, the owner of the fashion boutique Roses and Dreams on Miami Beach, it is not just a saying — it is her whole attitude towards life. Idealistic by nature, Valérie, at the young age of 26, has already accomplished more than most people do in their whole lifetime. While other young people in their mid-twenties think about partying and going out (especially here in Miami Beach), Valérie kept her eye on the prize by pursuing her dreams and taking chances... Read full interview

From Detroit to Miami Twerk-out

In July the girls from Boby Shop Xperts were visiting Miami to teach a few twerk and yoga classes to the local ladies here in Miami. SFL Style met with the owners of Body Shop Xperts to find out directly from the source why twerking is so popular beside the obvious reasons. Even though the girls of BSX are from Detroit, they are no strangers to Miami since they are constantly being booked by local fitness establishments to teach twerk dancing to Miami women. ...
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Watch Exclusive Interview with Sharie Tzul

SFLStyle Magazine Exclusive interview with Sharie Tzul, founder and creator of TZUL fashion brand. In the interview, Sharie talks about what it takes to be a fashion designer, how it all started for her, shares some tips, and also introduces her new collection "SEVEN"....
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Sexy Claudia Romani picture in Miami

Interview with International Model Claudia Romani, in Miami

Miami is an interesting city that captivates everyone who ever comes here. It’s like it has some magical power to lure its visitors to keep coming back until they fully give in to it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are coming from – no one can resist this city’s inescapable vibe. The same happened to Claudia Romani, an international model and TV personality who came to Miami six years ago on vacation and fell in love with this city. These days Claudia, who was born and raised in Italy, is a full-time resident of Miami Beach. But Claudia is truly international so, even now, being oceans away from her fans and followers, it is not unusual to see paparazzi following Claudia all over the beach to take pictures of her in a bikini for their European media channels. Read full interview

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What is your favorite way to get around Miami?

According to an independent study the city of Miami is listed as #5 on the list of the U.S. cities with the worst traffic-congestion. The fact is that the traffic and parking, in and around Miami, is getting worse with every year. So what is your preferred way of getting to places in Miami…



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