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Miami Swim Week 2024

The Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary (PBM+C) 2024

The Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary (PBM+C), presented by Art Miami, marked its seventh edition with a flourish of artistic splendor from March 21 to March 24, 2024, at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. This prestigious event, known for being South Florida’s leading winter art fair, opened with an exclusive, invitation-only VIP Preview benefiting the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, underscoring its commitment to both the arts and community initiatives... Continue reading

Photo Shoot with Valeri

Meet Valeri, a passionate User-Generated Content Creator and Model based in the vibrant and sunny city of Sunshine, Florida, Miami. She embraces the essence of living in such a dynamic and beautiful place, drawing inspiration from its energy and the magnificent ocean that’s just a stone's throw away...
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Italian luxury fashion house Miriam Stella Opens Miami Beach Store

Italian Luxury Fashion House Miriam Stella Opens New Store on Miami Beach

Miriam Stella is pleased to announce its new flagship boutique retail store on Miami Beach. Fresh off of the New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week runways earlier this year, The New Party Collection by Miriam Stella features a variety of stunning flowing dresses, suits, and accessories. Many of Miriam Stella’s handcrafted fashion ensembles feature 6,000 to 15,000 crystals and beads, some with over 20 decorative elements designed by the brand’s team in Italy, each garment made over the course of four days...
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Interview with Julian Chang, Miami Fashion Designer

Interview with Julian Chang - Artistry in Fashion

Julian Chang, known for his bold prints and signature silhouettes, has become one of fashion's most celebrated designers to emerge from Miami. Born and raised in Lima, Peru he moved to America and graduated from the Miami International University of Art and Design with a BA in Fashion Design. Inspired by Miami's lifestyle and travel, Julian has received numerous awards and accolades. Read full interview

Interview with Baccano Restaurant in Wynwood Miami

Interview with Baccano Restaurant

Without a doubt, Miami has an overwhelming variety of choices when it comes to restaurants. Whichever way you look there are at least two places that serve food. With that being said, the quantity does not always translate into quality. In this sea of restaurants, it is often hard to find an authentic, unique, friendly place that not only makes you comfortable, but that also serves food you’ll be telling all your friends about. Once in a while, you stumble upon the one that will make you so happy you’ll want to burst from excitement. And that’s how I felt one day when I discovered Baccano restaurant while visiting Wynwood...
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TZUL's New FW Collection "7"

February, TZUL announced the release of its new Fall/Winter Collection “7”, revealing a unique thirty-piece collection of ensembles, designed and handcrafted in Miami, FL. TZUL, a clothing line out of Miami, FL plans to set a tone while expanding current endeavors within this year’s time. “Seven” is TZUL’s FW Collection...
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Miami Swim Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion

Miami, FL - The much-anticipated Miami Swim Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion is making its triumphant return from May 29th to June 2nd for their 11th year running, promising an exhilarating showcase of the latest in swim and resort wear. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant South Beach, this year's event will unfold across many locations including The Artist Formerly Known as Prince's former theater M2, The Goodtime Hotel's Strawberry Moon, Award-Winning beach club Joia Beach... Continue reading

Alessandra Durand At Miami Swim Week

Alessandra Durand At Miami Swim Week

Kené Kaya, ethical fashion brand of local Miami designer Alessandra Durand, is set to unveil an extraordinary swimwear collection at Miami Swim Week® The Shows, scheduled for May 30 at 9 PM. This highly anticipated collection, featuring indigenous art from the Peruvian Amazon, promises to captivate audiences with its elegance, cultural richness, and her brand's ongoing commitment to preserving indigenous heritage... continue reading

Best Live Entertainment in Miami

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting the following interview at Miami Beach with Berangely “Bengy” Cid, who is well known in the entertainment industry. Starting at the age of 12, this amazing woman has worked her way up through the entertainment world using determination and hard work. Universal Records in Paris, France signed her as a recording artist at the age of 28. From there she continued to grow with shows, festivals and music videos... Continue reading interview with Zhantra

Miami Beach Fashion Boutique Roses & Dreams

Interview with Miami Beach Fashion Boutique Roses & Dreams

“If you work hard your dreams will come true …” We have all heard this motivational phrase ever since we were kids, but for Valérie Mélanie Engel, the owner of the fashion boutique Roses and Dreams on Miami Beach, it is not just a saying — it is her whole attitude towards life. Idealistic by nature, Valérie, at the young age of 26, has already accomplished more than most people do in their whole lifetime. While other young people in their mid-twenties think about partying and going out (especially here in Miami Beach), Valérie kept her eye on the prize by pursuing her dreams and taking chances... Read full interview

Watch Exclusive Interview with Sharie Tzul

SFLStyle Magazine Exclusive interview with Sharie Tzul, founder and creator of TZUL fashion brand. In the interview, Sharie talks about what it takes to be a fashion designer, how it all started for her, shares some tips, and also introduces her new collection "SEVEN"....
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What is your favorite way to get around Miami?

According to an independent study the city of Miami is listed as #5 on the list of the U.S. cities with the worst traffic-congestion. The fact is that the traffic and parking, in and around Miami, is getting worse with every year. So what is your preferred way of getting to places in Miami…



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