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How to have a great time in Miami on a budget

Miami is one of the top destinations for tourists not only in the US but also across the globe. Miami has everything that makes it very popular such as white glistening sand, pristine blue waters, beautiful and sexy people, millions dollar mansions, an exotic night life, great food and miles of beaches. However, Miami is also an expensive destination. For people who come unprepared, a weekend trip can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Everywhere you go in Miami, money talks and in the touristic areas, there is seldom anything cheap.

So can one go to Miami on a budget?

The answer is yes. Even people with a limited amount of money can have a great time in Miami.

The first thing to do is keep away from Miami and South Beach. There are many other beaches in Miami that are just as glamorous, vibrant and not so crowded. These include Surfrise, Haulover Park, South Pointe Park and Lummus park beach. Here you can get a suntan, swim and enjoy the weather with no hassles. Plus there are plenty of eateries and fast food joints in the vicinity.

In the evening take a stroll down the Art Deco district. Here you will be captivated by the skimpily dressed people and exotic architecture. Mind you if you eat here it is going to cost you a fortune- so avoid all eateries here.

If you love the arts, walk over to Gables Art Walk, which offers free access to its galleries on the first Friday every month. Besides the artwork, you may also get a chance to taste some exotic wines- all for free.

Another place that you may also enjoy for free is the Holocaust Museum that is free to everyone. This museum will touch your heart and will bring sadness when you read the stories about the people who lost their lives during the Hitler reign. On Saturdays, the Jewish Museum of Florida waives admission fee and it is worth a visit.

Probably the best place to enjoy the day is Little Havana. Here you will get to see the colorful buildings and the Calle Ocho walk of fame, which is the Latino version of Hollywood. If you come on the last Friday of the month, you will also experience the culture of Cuba with free access to open air galleries, musicians and sculptors.

Every Wednesday at 8 pm, there are free outdoor films at the Miami Beach Soundscape Exostage. Mind you the place is packed; so try and be there early.

Finally don’t miss the Everglades. With a vast expanse of a subtropical jungle, the Everglades National Park is home to many endangered species like the American crocodile and the Florida panther. The park also offers opportunities to camp, canoe, and walk. The cost to enter the Everglades National Park is $10 per day, which is far cheaper than anything else in this city.

If you are hungry go to Little Havana. There are all sorts of cafes and restaurants that offer great authentic Cuban cuisine at one-tenth the price of what you get in South Beach. More important, the people in Little Havana are friendly, courteous and will even teach you some Spanish.

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How to go to Miami on a budget

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