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What to do in Miami on lazy days

Whether you’re a Floridian or a visitor, Miami has more to offer than simply a world renown “clubber’s guide”. This cosmopolitan city, is constantly filled with different events, festivals and fun activities to cater to your every need, and your every interest. So even if you are a resident, try something you wouldn’t usually do. This is what I enjoy doing:

The Beach
The beaches are a top attraction, and relatively the cheapest way to have fun. Grab your bathing suit, some snacks, sunscreen (very important) and simply lay back and enjoy the scene. My two favorite beaches are South Pointe Park and Sunny Isle, depending on what mood I’m in. When I’m bubbly and I feel like meeting new people I find South Pointe Park beach to be the most fun, it’s right on South Beach, the vibe and the people are great and there’s just lots to do. You’ll most likely pop into a bar like Mangos on Ocean Drive, where there’s live music and people dancing. When I want to spend some time alone, I head off to Sunny Isle, as the people are more reserved there and the beach is more quiet.

Wynwood Walls
If you’re a lover of street art, healthy food and bars this is the place to be. Artists from all over the world travel to Wynwood and decorate the murals with the most intriguing graffiti. It’s a great place to take photos and you will most likely come across models and photographers at work. Every time I have a photo shoot there, the walls have different art therefore it’s the same scenery but with a twist. I have more fun here than I do in South Beach, but then again that depends on your personal interests. This place never ceases to mesmerize me, every time I go there it feels just like the first time.

Everglades Airboat Adventure
The Everglades National Park is a top attraction in central Florida. Its 1.5 acres of wetlands is home to an abundant wildlife, but it’s most commonly known for its alligators, Florida panthers and its endangered leather-back turtles. I was lucky enough to see all three of these exotic animals on my first trip, but sometimes you not so lucky! Alligators you will see for sure; the waters are alligator infested. This is an activity I wouldn’t usually consider, but I tried it once and I had so much fun. The 30-minute boat ride starts at $75 each, where you will enjoy an alligator show and be able to journey along a walking trail in the jungle. The sounds and the smells are so refreshing. You will also get to sail through Biscayne Bay and see the magnificent Miami skyline. It’s such a change to the conventional city life, it doesn’t even feel like Miami, but like you walked straight into the Amazon. The tour guides really give you lots of information about the animals and their habitats, so this really is a fun educational experience.

What’s Miami without the enjoyment of shopping? So treat yourself! My two favorite malls are Dolphin Mall and Aventura Mall. Dolphin Mall is a huge outlet shopping center, where you can enjoy labels and brands at a lower than normal price. There is a big food court (mainly Latin food), it’s usually very full so the long lines to the till can get annoying. Aventura on the other hand, is a combination of normal brands and your higher end labels. It does not have as much variety as Dolphin mall, and it is not an outlet mall but it is very beautiful. For hanging out with friends aside from shopping, I prefer Aventura. The Cheesecake Factory, is incredible and I try a different dessert every time I go, there’s hundreds of different choices. I absolutely love the red velvet cheesecake and the salted caramel cheesecake.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
This 4-hour tour of the opulent 20th century home and extravagant gardens, is a wonderful experience to relax, view art, as well as expand your knowledge on society and the design and architecture during the 20th century Miami. Unfortunately, you cannot take pictures inside the home unless you pay. The gardens are so huge and lush with so many different plants and flowers. I recommend taking your partner on a romantic date here if you want to do something different. There are usually events or wedding happening in the garden so you might be lucky to experience that. Tickets start from $68 but it really is worth your money, everything is so beautiful and serene.

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Attractions, Activities and Fun Things to do in Miami

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