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Exclusive Launch Event - 2017 FIAT 124 Spider

Thursday, July 21st was an exciting day for Alfa Romeo & Fiat of North Miami family. One this day Fiat dealer welcomed a new “baby”, 2017 FIAT 124 Spider, into their growing family of Italian automobiles. This new model is already making waved among the auto industry by generating a lot of positive talk from experts. By the way the 2017 FIAT 124 has Japanese bones with an Italian look and heart.

This car is perfect – compact, sporty, luxury – it has it all.

To celebrate the arrival of 2017 FIAT 124 Spider Alfa Romeo & Fiat of North Miami decided to throw a party. SFL Style magazine was invited too.

The party was a hit - the excellent food, the DJ, beautiful people, and of course champagne… Lots of champagne… Italians sure know how to have fun and a good time. And that’s exactly how you will feel driving one of these FIAT 124 Spiders – FUN FUN FUN. By the way the food was provided by another Italian well recognized name in South Florida - Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in North Miami. No need to say more, because anyone who has ever been to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza knows how great their food is.

If you are interested in test driving one of these babies, then come on over to the Alfa Romeo & Fiat dealer in North Miami. They are conveniently located at 13110 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181. You can also check out many other models they have to offer.


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Exclusive Launch Event - 2017 FIAT 124 Spider

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