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Everybody in Miami is playing "Pokemon Go"

Pokémon Go has taken the nation and paticularly the city of Miami by storm, it’s like dejavu and we just landed back in 1996 all over again. Pokémon Go is a smartphone app that allows its users to collect actual Pokémon with an illusion of it being in a real world setting. It uses your phone’s GPS and camera to strategically place these Pokémon in various different places. You then catch them with Poke Balls and use them to battle others. The obsession has swept the hearts of millennials around Miami, and due to that Miami eateries has since hone in on the epic movement and put on various Pokemon Crawls. These crawls are throughout Miami and Miami Beach and scores of locals and torurist come out in their numbers to 'catch em all.'

The Pokémon Go app allows for creativity and imagination. The game picks specific spots for its users to travel to in order to retrieve these Pokémon. Some of these places in recent news include cemeteries, weddings and even funerals. Now this is a bit too extreme don’t you think? The game asks its users to be aware of their surroundings because the app will place Pokémon in the middle of a busy street. However, this game is so addictive that it doesn’t matter where these Pokémon are placed, the gamers are invested in their retrieval no matter what!

Pokémon Go influences social interaction. So if you have problems starting a conversation Pokémon go might help with that. However due the known fact that this game is addictive it no longer become an illusion to some user and might leave its users believing its real world. Now battle each other can result in the real time conflict with each other.

The Game requires location of all its users and that might pose a problem. A situation may arise when for instance a rare Pokémon is placed in your Miami Beach back yard, there is going to be a number of people on a quest to retrieve that ball in your backyard and that might cause various problems within your home.

A lot of restaurants and bars in Miami have joined in the craze of Pokémon Go and have put on a lot of what they call Pokémon Crawls in order to lure customers to their spot. However, a lot of these Pokémon Go users are there solely for the Pokémon and not so much supporting the services offered by these local businesses whether it is food or drink. Now that’s just bad for business! Because of that there are places in Wynwood such as Wynwood Garden Brick that now mount signs that says “Pokémon are for paying customers only!”

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Pokemon Go Took Over Miami

Article's Author: Kristal Tracey
Published in: life

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