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What does Ultra Music Festival mean to the city of Miami?

Ultra Music Festival is just around the corner. Every fan of the electronic dance music from Miami to Tokyo is super excited about this even, because Miami is in fact the birth place of the world famous Ultra Music Festival. This is where it all started… But what does this colossal event mean to the city of Miami?!?! Let’s break down some pros and cons that Ultra Music Fest brings to the city of Miami every March.

Those attending the music festival need to make reservations early. There are a large number of excellent hotels available but many are already booked on the festival dates. Hotels close by or near the festival include The Langford Downtown Miami (0.4 miles), Viceroy Miami (0.7 miles), Epic Hotel (0.5 miles), InterContinental Miami (facing the park), Marriott Marquis Miami (0.5 miles)and YVE Hotel Miami (0.4 miles). Many others are within one to four miles away.

Local hotels, restaurants and other businesses enjoy an increased business with this festival. This makes it an event that allows them to increase their profits for the year and is one reason they are anxious to continue to have the festival each year at the downtown location.

Anyone considering attending this festival should realize that, with this number of people, there is a shortage of hotel rooms and other accommodations. While food and drink is available at the festival, those wishing to utilize a restaurant will find many overcrowded. In addition, traffic can be difficult for automobiles and taxis are in high demand. This makes it important to utilize one of Miami's inner city transportation systems.

People attending the event are advised not to drive their car to areas near the festival, as parking is limited. Fortunately, Miami has a number of convenient alternatives, which make it easy to travel around. These include Super Shuttle, which provides transportation to/from the Miami airport at a cost of $12 to the downtown area or $17 to Miami Beach. Other transportation is provided by Metrobus, Metromover, and Metrorail. Metrobus provides free parking for its patrons and the fare varies according to destination. Average fare is $2.95 and you must have exact change. Metromover is free for all riders. Metrorail requires an EASY Card or EASY ticket as fare gates do not accept cash. It is easy to go on the web to locate stations and prices.

As with any attraction where a large number of people accumulate in one location there are bound to be problems. These include things like drugs, fights and pickpockets. In 2014, a ticketless crowd rushed a fence and trampled a security guard named Erica Mack who had critical injuries with a broken leg and brain injuries. This resulted in the mayor demanding an end to the festival. In addition, there have been instances in which a major entertainer has become ill and unable to perform. The use of police and fire personnel has resulted in a high cost to the city. In 2015, local agencies costs amounted to 1.7 million dollars.

Citizens of Miami have made many complaints against the festival. These include denial of park use for two to four weeks every year, loud noise, heavy traffic, dirt, no parking and crowded restaurants. This has been especially difficult for people who live in locations nearby or in the surrounding park area. One citizen, who lives across from the park, complained that the loud noise kept his twin babies crying all night and the family was unable to sleep. In addition, there were problems in drug overdoses and gatecrashers. In 2015, Miami police made 22 arrests on Friday and 33 arrests the following day. There were also increased crime reports in the downtown area.

While lights and staging for the festival are fantastic, the strobe lighting, LED screens, video elements that immerse the audience in light and the moving, articulating pods of video elements also reflect into the surrounding neighborhood. The lighting and loud music, which continues to midnight every night of the festival, plus noisy crowds leaving the area, leads to a problem for occupants of the surrounding area who are trying to get their rest.

There is no doubt that attending the Miami ULTRA Music Festival is a dream come true for people who enjoy the excitement of electronic music, colorful lighting and the excitement of seeing their particular musician perform. For many, the other inconveniences are a minor element in this stimulating event.

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What Ultra Music Festival means to the city of Miami

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