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The Move-Ment - Unique Meditation Yoga Experience in Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida – June 8, 2017 – Combining their passion and skills for mindfulness, artistic expression, and spirituality, Miami-based creative directors Sitara and Zoel announce The Move-ment, a multi-disciplinary mind, body, and spirit immersive event experience at Vintro Hotel in Miami Beach, Saturday, June 24th from 12pm to 12am. With professionally guided and consciously curated experiences for all ages, this most unique event aims to help people discover ways to be fully present in the here and now through elevated everyday experiences like mindful eating, movement, and meditation. The Move-ment invites participants to explore, connect, and live out loud as they experience the myriad ways that life is enriched when we make the effort and use the tools to live in the moment no matter what that moment holds.

"This is the perfect moment for our mindfulness movement," said Sitara, Creative Director and Osho Meditation Facilitator. "Talking about spirituality is good, but to experience it is even better.

"Getting out of our heads and stepping into our lives is essential," said Zoel, Creative Director and Music Producer. "Music is a very important tool to bring us to the present moment. Everyone at Move-ment will be able to explore ways they already know and some they haven't ever heard of to enjoying being - right here, right now."

The Move-ment will feature a series of interactive experiences:

• The Move-ment Stage - rooftop venue where facilitators will offer interactive insights, tips, and tools for living in the here and now and enjoying life to the fullest
• Coaching Garden - a dynamic space where a select group of life coaches, holistic practitioners, therapists, and specialists in personal growth will offer complimentary speed consultations
• Meditation Temple - a must-experience, 12-hour, non-stop series of guided meditations
• The Move-ment Kids - a dedicated space with kid-friendly mindfulness programming that will include mandala coloring, yoga, posture, movies, and more so kids can enjoy an interactive day in the same atmosphere as their parents
• Conscious Market - curated vendors offer services and products enabling participants to continue The Move-ment experience in their daily lives


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The Move-Ment - Unique Meditation Yoga Experience in Miami Beach

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