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Aftermath of Hurricane IRMA in Miami

On September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma paid a devastating visit to Florida as Category 4. Thanks to today’s modern technology, Florida’s residents had advance notice and were able to go to shelters and other safe locations.

Although Miami and Miami Beach were not hit directly by the hurricane, there was still damage to beaches, homes and businesses. Miami Beach businesses were able to reopen for business 2 days after the storm.

Florida’s popular Miami Beach, had a great deal of its $11.5 million U.S. Army Corps of Engineers re-nourishment project washed away. At the time of the project it was argued that it would prevent inland erosion. Although it did prevent some erosion, unfortunately, huge chunks of this project and other parts of the beach were washed out to sea with Hurricane Irma.

Residents of South Florida, especially those living in the Keys, suffered horrific damage to their homes and businesses. Photos show many South Florida homes and businesses completely destroyed. Photos of the inland areas of Florida also show extensive damage from the storm. Floods, destroyed homes, overturned trees, road sinkholes, dead fish and other disasters have resulted from this hurricane.

Miami was very fortunate to avoid a direct hit from the hurricane. A direct hit would have caused terrific damage to the buildings and beaches of the city. This would not only have disrupted Floridian lives, but would have caused extensive damage that would have taken extensive repairs and time for recovery.

Florida and its beaches have had hurricanes before and have always been able to recover and remain one of the most stunning areas in the United States. Repairs are currently being made and the damage to its beautiful beaches and buildings will soon be repaired.

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Aftermath of Hurricane IRMA in Miami

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