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Interview with Elen Müller - identity coach for women in South Florida

Elen Müller is an identity coach for women, who customized a transformative coaching.
In this day and age, it is easy for us, women, to lose oneself to the distractions that are around us constantly. Our uniqueness, and what makes us, have been minutely reduced to what the society expects of us, and forced us to conform to those expectations.
This desire of her to explore her own identity, and a yearning to help others in this crowded world pushed her to transition from being a lawyer into the field of Identity Coach.
She works with women to understand the identity they are presenting to the world, and coach them on enhancing their “essence”: who are you?, what do you want for your future? what are your needs and values? how your identity can be translated in style?
These are some of the questions that she works strategically to find out with you, during the 10 sessions of her coaching.
She presents the most confident version of her clients to themselves and others.
Her philosophy and understanding of the conflicts and harmony between the internal and external environment have helped clients to love themselves better, be more confident in their lives, and achieve goals in life.
With some trips and trainnngs in self development fields, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from to enhance the effectiveness of my coaching.

Please, in a few words, tell our reader about your background.
I am a Brazilian who used to be a lawyer for 7 years. However, my will to use my knowledge in order to help others express themselves have pushed me for this second career. My interest in human beings, mind, style and emotions has developed up to the point that I decided to turn it into a profession, so I become a professional master coach - certified by International Coaching Institute and European Coaching Association - and went in a deep search in order to learn even more about why some people, who has self knowledge about their identity can easily reach their goals in life. That was a period of time full of studying, different courses and learning so that I could customize a service that helps women build their own identity and not lose sight of their self-knowledge.

How did you create your job?
During years, alongside with my first career, the never-ending search has motivated me to dig even deeper in this field. Besides coaching, I studied flower remedies, NLP, body language, Dr. Patch Adams’s therapy, anthroposophy, aromatherapy, integrative constellations, Dr. Clarissa Estés’s training, personal style in Australia and Milan, sacred feminine experiences while visiting temples in the city of Glastonbury, in England, among others. Finally, based on all these studies my coaching was customized.

Why is for women?
Historically, women are more likely to follow social standards. For instance, beauty is one of them, other is how they "should be" in life, such as assuming roles of “a goof wife” or “a good mother”. Unfortunately, they are daily affected with information of this kind. For some, can be useful, for others it can ruin their lives.
Because this "ideal woman" model is so bombarded in media, much research has claimed that women's identity is always distorted. This disorder usually originates in childhood with a low self esteem and it have a reflex in the adult stage causing mental and physical illnesses, such as depression, in a much larger proportion among female audience.
For this reason, I have decided to create a work specifically for women by realizing the greatest need among them when it comes to identity.

How can we understand identity?
When we question ourselves like this: Why I not happy? Who am I and what is my mission? What are my values? What are my deep needs? Who I want to become in future? What is my style? Why I can’t achieve my dreams? This entire question is about identity. Therefore, it is not about the rules we assume as women (daughter, professional, wife, mother), but it really is how a person defines who they are, combined with characteristics of what they feel pride about themselves, aspects that form the basis of their self esteem and what make them different and singular.
Now think about it: Who taught us to think about how we define or what are the aspects that form the basis of our self-esteem?
The reality is that we never stop to think about them and if I ask you it would be complex to answer.
To begin to have a sense of identity it is important to know that from it are born the most powerful emotions. We just realize we are unhappy when we see our image in the mirror, for example. The identity coaching is to find out what is behind the mirror image and inside of your heart.

How different are women’s style in Miami comparing to Brazil or Australia?
(Just because you used to live there and work there)

Women in Miami dress very colorful and in a vivid way. They are very independent, show a really glow tanned skin, a lot of hair styles and are aware about world trends. I also, realize with the hispanic influence, they are very sensual. I was really amazed by seeing creative and beautiful curvy women at Miami Beach wearing gold color bikinis, long dresses and colorful accessories.
Brazil is huge, so it carries lot of styles.
Speaking about the south of the country (where I came from) style has some standards, sometimes is a kind of merged style depending on the cycle of friends. It is very common blond long hair and a very conservative and classic style with the predominance of black, white, gray and nude colors. In contrast, we can have a totally different style in Rio de Janeiro, for example.
On the other hand, in Australia, because they are one of the world's most multicultural societies, their ideas of beauty and style are quite visionary, specially because of Asiatic influences. You can see women working in public service covered in tattoos with a irregular geometric haircut or even can be enchanting with a Japanese unexpected pink hair.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My partner, my trainers in the past, my clients and usually women, who support each other or have projects like mine, are my biggest supporters.

What are your future plans?
I love to travel around the world and chatting with women in different cultures to explore their identities, for this reason I really enjoy to stay in Miami meeting cross-cultural identities so far. In the future, provide events for women in this area are in my plans for sure.

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Interview with Elen Müller - identity coach for women in South Florida

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