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The Beauty of Brilliance New York® Flat Irons for Miami

Introducing the Brilliance New York® Company

Although there are many different beauty companies on today’s market one of the most popular is the Beauty of Brilliance New York®. The company’s creative and innovative approach has been used by their dedicated team to introduce a flat iron that fills the hair needs of the modern woman. Concentrating on excellence and customer satisfaction, they have been able to develop a product that is far beyond others available in the beauty tools arena. It is this dedication to providing the best possible flat iron on the market that has produced a product that has proven to be an answer to various hair problems that often plague women from housewives to the very busy business woman.

What are Flat Irons

One of the most popular hair styling hair tools on the current beauty arena is flat irons, sometimes called hair straighteners. These irons are especially designed for women with fine, thick, coarse, frizzy and other types of hair that are are difficult to control. The first type of hair straightening systems appeared in the 1870’s but it wasn't until 1909 that the first hair straightener, made of two flat irons, heated and pressed together, was patented. Flat irons innovations have advanced over the years, reaching the excellent models available today. Flat irons are designed to temporarily change the texture of the hair and straighten extra curly, coarse and other types of hair problems. Many have found this is an excellent way to keep their otherwise unruly hair smooth and stylish looking. Unfortunately, no method has been developed that will counteract exposure to rain, styling gels and other types of moisture that will return the hair to its initial condition.

The Beauty of Brilliance New York® Flat Irons for Miami

Flat Iron Structure

The Beauty of Brilliance New York® Company has used a state-of-the-art technology in designing their lustrous diamond flat iron. Ceramic built, each flat iron offers maximum temperatures when plugged into an electrical plug and the power is turned on. It is built to allow the user to set the temperature best suited for their type of hair. The parts of the iron that apply the heat to the hair are called plates with two plates on each flat iron. These two plates, which form the iron’s body, are joined at one end by a clamp. When the iron is turned on and heated, the two plates are applied to a strip of hair and slowly moved to the hair’s end. This is repeated over various parts of the hair to obtain the desired result. Flat irons vary in price as well as features. For example, although least expensive, flat irons on the market that have uncoated metal plates will not provide the hair protection and results desired by anyone using this type of device.

Types of Beauty of Brilliance New York® Flat Irons Available

The Beauty of Brilliance New York® Company has taken particular care to develop their flat iron product to fit every type and price needed to fit the needs of today’s modern woman. Each iron has specific features that put it above the average type on the market. Stressing a state-of-the-art design, the company has used a diamond technology to develop this product. The Brilliance New York® 2” Diamond Flat Iron (Professional model), for example, has a heat setting that reaches up to 450F/232C and quickly heats up. This is a great convenience for those who work in the beauty salon industry. Another model has a smooth diamond and titanium 1” plate, automatic shut-off for safety, advanced ceramic heater, dual voltage, a 9 foot cord and offers negative ions and infra-red for quick recovery time. This allows the user to go from an unruly hair to an effortless smooth hairstyle within minutes. In addition to the l” plate, there are many other choices available. It is recommended that people with shorter hair use irons with heating plates from 0.5 to 1 inch wide. Longer hair needs wider irons.

Costs of Beauty of Brilliance New York® Flat Irons

One of the most important decisions a person must make, when considering a flat iron, is the quality and content of the product. Beauty of Brilliance New York® Flat Irons offer a wide variety of flat irons at prices designed to fit the needs of everyone from the everyday woman to the salon operator. Prices range from a 1” Diamond Flat Iron Professional Salon Model at $130.00 to a 1” diamond Style Setter Iron at $19.99, with many in between. This makes it possible to choose an iron that will fit both your particular needs and also your budget. The most impressive thing about irons offered by this company is their LIFETIME GUARANTEE. This means, that if you register your flat iron with the company it is guaranteed to last your entire life. This is a feature obviously missing from other brands of this product.

Personalized Beauty Consultation

At the Beauty of Brilliance New York ® Company, we are proud to provide consultation information for all Miami and South Florida residents regarding the various types of Diamond Flat Irons we offer. This makes it possible for you to select the type of iron that will fit your particular hair. For example, it is important to consider hair length, condition and texture when selecting an iron that will best work with your situation. Things such as the correct heat setting, various styling options and other things that will provide convenient and worry-free use.

The Beauty of Brilliance New York® Flat Irons for Miami

Hair types require particular temperature settings. For example, a low of 300° F is recommended for very fragile, damaged or fine hair. This is followed temperature settings up to for normal, easy-to-straighten hair and thick, difficult-to-straighten hair with the latter setting at 450°. This is the kind of recommendationsrecommendations the company will provide during their consultation. Whether you live in Miami or South Florida, the weather makes it important to choose the right equipment when caring for your hair. The Beauty of Brilliance New York® flat iron offers the opportunity to change any unbecoming fine, coarse, curly or other type of hair into a smooth cap of beauty. This allows you to achieve the beautiful over-all look you deserve.

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The Beauty of Brilliance New York® Flat Irons for Miami

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