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Meeting your Sugar Daddy in Miami

For the most part, guys have it good. There is a lot written on the Internet where guys can meet girls and how they hook up but very few sites are devoted to women. So here we offer you a small preview on how to meet your sugar daddy in Miami.

There are many women who would love to meet a sugar daddy in Miami but have no idea how to go about this business.

The first thing to know is that you should avoid dating sites as most of the men have fake profiles, barely have 2 cents in their pocket and are just looking for an easy girl. The second thing to remember is millionaires do not hang around online dating sites. The third thing to remember is that your girl friend is never going to introduce you to a sugar daddy because she wants all the men for her self, in case she strikes out with one. Fourthly if you want a sugar daddy your chances are much better with an older man, one who is old enough to be your papa. If you pick a young guy, all you will get is herpes and disappointment.

So if you want a sugar daddy you have to get one yourself.

Now that we have the facts sorted out, where can you meet your sugar daddy in Miami?

Millionaires’ frequent gyms and this is one place you should start. After a stressful workout, men like to relax, drink and chat- and this is where you come in. Remember there are also other girls like you looking for sugar daddies in this place. Dress sexy, be sweet, offer to be an exercise partner and ask if he needs any help. Say little and let your body do the talking and soon you will have a sugar daddy.

The next place to meet sugar daddies is at golf courses - of course not any cheap golf course but something like Doral Golf club or the Fairmont Turnberry Sea resort. Millionaires frequently have meetings in these places, then play a round of golf, talk a lot of business jargon and then party. The best time to meet them is mid afternoon and you can offer to be caddie and they will take care of the rest. If you offer a massage afterwards, you are half way there. By the way, learn some golf lingo like "hole in one" and "hold my iron"- sugar daddies like to hear that in the bedroom.

Millionaires love to give to charity – chiefly because they love to impress and it also boosts their ego - so look for charity events in hospitals because this is where you are most likely to meet them. Plus they have many other celebs there. Even if you miss out on a millionaire, there are always plenty of rich doctors at these functions, who do not mind being sugar daddies, especially if the girl is dead gorgeous Most doctors have naughty fetishes and erotic desires- so dress sweet and sexy. No matter how much you dislike patients or kids, you have to pretend that you love them at these functions. Then you can let all your frustration out when he spanks you.

Millionaire love to shop in style at upscale malls. Only us Neanderthals shop online. So frequent some of the upscale malls in Miami and chances are you will meet a rich guy. You can also start by offering some advice on what he should buy – if he responds, then start by saying what you would like your man to wear- like perfume and sexy underwear. Then move on to what you would wear for your man like lingerie and by this time he should be hooked - If not, then he is probably a beefcake.

Next go to galas and polo events. Millionaires usually do things that are dull like playing polo or going to the theater. So find out about cultural events in Miami and wait for single men to arrive. Ask if someone can escort you since your date did not turn up. Within an instant, you will be attended by not one but many men - especially if you have dressed well for the occasion. The trick is to say little and whatever you say must be something that pleases the men - like “you smell nice.”

Finally start to volunteer at political events, Millionaires are always looking to build their status in society and they frequently show up for public and political events. In Miami there are political events almost on a weekly basis and you do not even need an invitation - just dress well, look sexy and go with the flow.

The last thing you should know is that no matter how rich a men is or his marital status, when they see a beautiful young girl, you can rest assured they are thinking of one thing - how to get in bed with you - so if you play your cards right - you will have your sugar daddy in no time and live the life of a princess. If none of these tips work, then it is because Miami is full of gays.

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Meeting your Sugar Daddy in Miami

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