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Doctor D’s Delicious Summer Sparkling Probiotic Drink Has Arrived to South Florida

Our latest find is Doctor D’s sparkling probiotic drink which is great for your gut.   You can find Doctor D’s now in South Florida Publix grocery stores.

It is a delicious, live-fermented drink loaded with probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes. We all know that probiotics are vital to our gut health and Dr. D’s is refreshing and so healthy for us.

We workout, eat healthy, but you need to add probiotics to your daily routine for real health benefits.  Many diseases start in the gut, so you need to be proactive. Doctor D’s stands out of the crowd of probiotics due to its great taste. It is the perfect summer drink to take to the beach, and/or enjoy after a workout. You can also substitute it as a cocktail mixer, and it is a fantastic alternative to high sugar and high calories juice and soda.

Doctor D’s comes in 6 amazing flavors including Crisp Apple, Lively Lemon, Ginger Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Tart Cherry, Concord Grape. Doctor D’s live fermented beverages produce a wider spectrum of probiotics than the leading kombucha. Doctor D’s also has a more pleasant, mild flavor, contrasting with the vinegary taste of kombucha.

Doctor D’s Has All Organic Ingredients: They source only the highest quality organic fruit juices, evaporated cane juice, and they filter their own reverse-osmosis water.


·         Dairy & Caffeine Free

·         Live Cultures

·         Low in Sugar

·         Amber Bottles: Only amber bottles to protect the live probiotics from harmful light.

Check it out at: https://doctordslive.com/

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Doctor D’s Delicious Summer Sparkling Probiotic Drink Has Arrived to South Florida

Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
Published in: life

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