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Miami Beach and South Florida underwater

For many years, experts have been saying that Miami and certain parts Southern Florida will be underwater. In the last few years alone, the water level around Miami Beach has gradually creeped up and this heavenly paradise, which is, home to millions of people is at a risk for disappearing into the sea. Today, even a simple rainstorm causes frequent flooding in the streets and often large puddles of undrained water can be seen on many streets for days.

Scientists predict that within the next 50-100 years not only Miami but many other cities along the eastern coast will be underwater. What makes Miami more likely to disappear is that most of city sits just 1 meter (3-4 feet) above sea levels. Further, the porous limestone foundation around the beaches does not make it a very strong barrier to surging water tides.

What is the cause of all this?

Some people claim that is it part of the global warming trend, which is now out of control. Even if we make all the necessary carbon cuts and moved to renewable energy today, it is too late. It has been predicted that if we do nothing about global warming than by at end of this century the sea level will rise anywhere from 10-30 feet along the US costal waters. There is no question that this will happen but what cannot be predicted is when. Some experts claim that it will happen within the next 100 yeas but other says that a large hurricane that hit New Orleans several years ago could easily trigger massive flooding and sink most of the city.

Juts think of ice cream on a cone – you know it will melt for sure but the rate may vary depending on many factors.

So the question is what do we do? Do we build barriers or just let the city sink? One thing is for sure; any rebuilding of the barriers will cost an enormous amount of money, which we do not have. So moving inland may be the only choice or live on a boat.

While Miami’s future is still being debated, there is no doubt about New Orleans. Experts have already forecast a grim ending for this city- it will be gone in the next 50-100 years.

Besides Miami, there are several other cities in Florida also a risk for a rise in sea level and there are a significant numbers or people living in these areas who could be potentially affected.

So will reducing carbon emission help? The problem with this approach is that we still have some of our politicians who don’t believe in global warming. These individuals, unfortunately, do not know the mouth from the backside.

So the best advice at the moment is that if you have always wanted to visit Miami, you better do so now because you may not get another chance to see this glamorous city with its beautiful beaches and sexy people.

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Is Miami going underwater?

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