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Miami’s Hot Spots: that are affordable

Miami has always been famous for its beaches and trendy lifestyle. What most people do not know is that Miami also has some of the best nocturnal hotspots in the country. If you want to see glitter, sexy bodies, the latest in fashion, the loudest music and the raunchiest parties, then you want to see Miami at night. Miami has two types of hotspots – one where you are most likely to see celebs but that will cost you both time and money. You may have to dress like a real party person (preferably men with flashy blings and women wearing very tiny garments and revealing their assets), wait-in line for hours to get into the club and then fork out several hundred dollars for ridiculous priced drinks and exorbitant cover charges. For most people, just the parking fee alone will be a rip off. But if you are the down to earth person who just wants to have a great time in Miami, do not care about seeing Miley Cyrus or Kanye West, and still have pocket change to go home, then here are some of hotspots that you will hopefully like.

Mondrian’s Sunset lounge is a great place to chill out. If you have been out in the hot Miami sun all day, then a stop here in the evening will refresh you. Not only a beautiful place, but you can watch some of the best panoramic sunsets of the sea. Compared to other places the drinks are reasonable and the cocktails are great.

HaVen South Beach with its trendy décor and atmosphere is fast becoming the place to go in Miami. With no cover charge you can drink inside the exotic digital lounge. The food is okay but the drinks can be pricey. The only downside is that the service is often slow because the place is packed. So avoid Fridays.

La Shangrila Karaoke is fast rising to the top of hotspots in Miami. If you love karaoke, then this is the place to come to; they have private rooms where you can order your food and drinks for up to 3 hours. The best part- very friendly staff who make sure you do not leave disappointed.

SHOTS Miami is most famous for its selection of exotic shots. The music is just right and the décor is nice. Pretty looking “shots girls” come by and offer you shots of your choice. If you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday or just want to have fun, then this is the right place for you.

Electric Pickle is dark but very warm and inviting place. Unlike most hotspots in Miami, it has AC so you will not feel sticky. There is no cover price if you arrive before midnight but they do charge $10 after midnight. This is the place you come to where you want to get cozy with your GF or BF and listen to some great music. Mind you the drinks are slightly overpriced.

Teds is a sublime place with a dive bar. The people are friendly and they also have jukebox that plays almost any tune. While the food is okay, the drinks are relatively cheap and you can even bring your dog. Not a place for a date or romance just somewhere where you slack off with the boys. The downside- people do smoke inside.

Monty’s sunset is a gem for people who just want to sit by and watch the sunset. This place serves great food, has superb staff service and offers a large selection of drinks. Downside is that the drinks do tend to pricey, especially over the weekend.

The Shoreline is another great place with immaculate scenery. It has friendly staff and a great pool area where you can chill out. The food and drinks are reasonably priced.

These are just some of the hotspots in Miami that do not cost a fortune just to enter. Miami has become a Mecca for fun and the sun but it can be pricey and one cannot afford to go the Celeb hotspots every week. So if you just want to chill out and do your own thing, try the above hotspots- you will not see the Kardashians or the Jenners- but do not worry you will not be missing much.

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Miami Best Hot Spots

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