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Meet Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie of The Beach People in Miami

Raised by the tides and reared on the ocean’s playground, sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie are well acquainted with a life at sea, having spent their lives on the Australian coast of New South Wales.

The beach has always been a strong source of inspiration for the sisters – so a creative product influenced by their upbringing was no surprise.

By 2013, Victoria finished up her accounting studies - completely fascinated by business and numbers. While on maternity leave that same year, Emma imagined a line of seaside luxury pieces - starting with the round cut beach towel. Drawing from her extensive background in interior design, Emma imagined a line of seaside luxury pieces – starting with a round cut beach towel. Together, the two sisters developed The Beach People, a space where seaside luxe essentials are made for everyone, everywhere - from the beach to the home. This round style of towel had not yet been introduced to the market, so Emma and Victoria were eager to share their uniquely designed invention with the world. Taking to Instagram, the girls quickly sold out of their “Roundie” Towel - over and over again. Just two years later, Emma and Victoria patented their design and celebrated the sale of their 100,000th towel - a successful beginning to The Beach People.

The Beach People in Miami

The sisters' design process starts with an experience or inspired location. From there the story develops into an inspiring mood board of images, textures and cuttings. Emma and Victoria present their stories to a team of designers and artists who hand draw and render the unique products within the range. Collectively, the team tests the products in their homes, at the beach and on adventures with family and friends.

The Beach People in Miami

Since their early days, The Beach People has expanded immensely. While their notorious “Roundie” Towel is still a popular piece and mainstay for the brand, they also offer a variety of diverse products, including bedding, bath towels, tableware and bags - all inspired by sand and sun in their own, extraordinary way. Now sold in top retailers such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman and Selfridges, The Beach People have proven themselves far beyond the quaint shores of Australia.

As the company grows as a brand, Emma and Victoria continue to be solely devoted to creating unique treasures, bringing both innovation and quality directly home. All of The Beach People’s products are of the highest quality, built to last and be enjoyed for many moons to come.

Make sure to visit their web-site www.thebeachpeopleco.com

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Meet Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie of The Beach People in Miami

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