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Rocking Graphic Tees in Miami

Living in Miami, I have observed two distinct popular styles. If it’s not monogram labels screaming at your face, it’s overly provocative outfits. The over the top flashy lifestyle, has people going out of their way to get noticed. If you go to certain areas in South Beach; Ocean Dr, Washington Ave and Lincoln Rd, Downtown, Brickell, or in the Design District, these are wealthy areas and people like to over exaggerate. Just because you’re wearing labels, or showing too much skin does not make you fashionable. So where is the in between? You’re sure as hell not dressed like that everyday. There are times where you just want to go to the mall, the beach or casually hang-out and you’re more focused on comfortability, and the quality of the clothes that you are wearing. I noticed this gap, and I filled it with a brand that I love; London Berry Apparel.

LBA is a fairly new clothing brand, primarily focusing on graphic t-shirts, however, they have other items too. They boast quality using a wide variety of different fabrics, and they have very cute quotes on their tees too!

I will specifically focus on three very different looks that I achieved wearing LBA’s Adventures Are Forever series.


Beach Boutique - Miami Beach

This very comfortable grey long sleeved shirt, has thermal sleeves which is great for Fall season in Miami. You won’t have to carry a jacket with you because the material is well insulated. I threw on some sweat pants and sneakers and I was good to go. This is my “Netflix and Chill” outfit, these clothes are too comfortable to come off, sorry, bye!


Beach Boutique - Miami Beach

I absolutely love this outfit. If you thought graphic tees couldn’t pull off a smart look, you were wrong. Clear example of mixing styles and brands. I have on a striped denim jacket by South African stylist and designer Lethabo Motlatle, a Burberry scarf, a black London Berry Adventures shirt on, with Tally Weijl high-waisted jeans. Notice how being courageous can actually bring out a really awesome outfit. Going back to what I said about the flashy Miami lifestyle, I’m still throwing in that Burberry, but I’m not wearing labels from head to toe. This outfit will still grab attention because it’s unique, and the colors and patterns are accentuated.

Classy with a touch of Graphics

Beach Boutique - Miami Beach

Ok, let's just be honest, sometimes classy is boring, so the graphics on this dress really make it fun. It is best worn during fall and winter, but you could wear it in spring too. I really can imagine myself striding into the new SLS in Brickell wearing this cute number. Heels or even pumps will look good, if you want a tighter fitting look, take a scarf or a belt and wrap it around your waist, and show Miami who’s a boss b!
Comfortable is definitely a go-to for me especially during the indecisive fall weather. Rainy Miami, isn’t my favorite time but at least I’ll be feeling good, staying warm and slaying in my London Berry!

Where to Buy:
London Berry Apparel Ft. Adventures: Long Sleeved Thermal Grey Shirt $76
Gun Metal Foil Black Shirt $80
Navy Blue Dress $230 (mkt.com/londonberryapparel)
Rosegal: Grey Sweat Pants $17 (rosegal.com)
Burberry: Wool and Silk Scarf $316-$395 (shop.nordstrom.com)
Lethabo Motlatle: Custom Striped Denim Jacket; price upon request (Instagram @Lthiiz)
Tally Weijl: Acid Wash High-Waisted Jeans (Tally-weijl.com)

Photographer André Jacob

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Rocking Graphic Tees in Miami

Article's Author: Adriana
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