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Interview with Lisa Lee Miami Makeup artist and Hair Stylist

Lisa Lee is a professional artist who provides Makeup & Hair Styling services for production Television, Video, Concerts, Red Carpet, Wedding and Special Events. Owner / Artist and Creative Director Lisa Merritt is a third generation Miami native with 20 plus year Beauty industry.
Known for her diversity and innovative thinking, Lisa has lead Alluring Faces in being contracted by some of the leading brands in the Entertainment and Beauty field.
In 2013 she was given an achievement award as a beauty professional by the "Women in the Arts Miami", and recently awarded "Best Makeup Artist In Miami 2016"

SFL Style: In a few words, please tell our reader about your background.
Lisa: I was born in Miami so was my mother so you can say I am real native.
I have had a love for make for quite some time and begin doing makeup for friends in the 7th grade. I moved to NYC at age 18 worked on a few projects with a few photographers in the mid 80’s for fun. When I move back to Miami in the 90’s with a degree in Business, it was a bit difficult finding work as most management jobs needed you to be bilingual. In 1992 with a business career going nowhere, I decided to make a change go back to school to do something I love, skin care and makeup. I studied at Beauty Schools of America and took classes at CA BOTANA International and Germaine de Capuccini. I open my own salon in 1997 for 7 years then open Alluring Faces in 2005.

SFL Style:What was the most challenging aspect in your professional life?
Lisa: The most challenging aspect has been protecting the image of my brand, as Alluring Faces is a trademark. I have had to overlook the petty business practices of new and old competitor who have copied my website wording, copied articles I have written, some have even used my company’s name as a keyword for their websites and google adwords. It’s funny, the beauty industry in Miami is very cut throat and dirty, But I believe that real talent separates the Pro’s from the con’s if you know what I mean.

How did you feel when you received "Best Makeup Artist In Miami 2016"?
Lisa: It was a great honor, as it was given to me by other professionals. I felt good that my talent was recognized and awarded, it made me feel that what I have been doing was working, so I will work harder and continue to be an original artist who strives for excellence.

How would you describe your personal style? What are your beauty secrets?
Lisa:My personal style is clean, simple with a dash of sexy. My beauty secrets is hydrating my skin right after a shower and using real organic coconut oil from head to toe. I even have a separate jar in the kitchen that I will take it like medicine and cook with it.

What advice would you give to a new, starting up makeup artist?
Lisa: Be original, get as much hands-on training as possible. If you really want to be a freelance you going to have to give yourself a least one year to work free to a little of nothing. Building your book, networking and making connections is critical in this game.

Name a few of your favorite places to eat in Miami? What do you like about them?
Lisa:Well, this is going to be difficult because Miami has many wonderful places however I do have a few favorite one being, Le Bouchon in Coconut Grove. I love the authenticity of its menu which serves real French cuisine. The ambiance is casual and the décor makes you feel like you really are in Paris. Next has been my favorite for years is Captains Tavern in Pinecrest, it is such a hidden jewel for fresh seafood with a twist of Caribbean flavors, their bread pudding is one of a kind. Last but not lease Pao by Paul Qui at the Feana Hotel in Miami Beach. The food was immaculate, the ambience was surreal, what I remember most was the mash potatoes with black truffles 5 star all the way!

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Interview with Lisa Lee Miami Makeup artist and Hair Stylist

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