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Peruvian Indigenous Art from the Amazon to make a Splash at Miami Swim Week's Runway

Kené Kaya, ethical fashion brand of local Miami designer Alessandra Durand, is set to unveil an extraordinary swimwear collection at Miami Swim Week® The Shows, scheduled for May 30 at 9 PM. This highly anticipated collection, featuring indigenous art from the Peruvian Amazon, promises to captivate audiences with its elegance, cultural richness, and her brand's ongoing commitment to preserving indigenous heritage.

Alessandra, a Peruvian designer based in Miami, has long been passionate about showcasing the beauty and cultural significance of indigenous art from her homeland. Through her brand, she seeks to amplify the work and talents of artists and artisans from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, known for their intricate textile artwork of geometric patterns and vibrant colors passed down for generations.

What sets this collection apart is its unique and distinct change of pace at Miami Swim Week, merging original concepts of art, fashion, and culture from the Peruvian Amazon. The collection, a stunning fusion of printed and embroidered textile art and contemporary design, features nature-inspired motifs and wildlife of the Amazon. Each piece reflects the rich heritage and traditions of the Shipibo-Conibo people, celebrating their connection to the natural world.

"Kené Kaya," meaning "the spirit of design" in the indigenous language of the Shipibo-Conibo, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this remarkable collection. Drawing inspiration from the intricate "kené" designs, the swimwear exudes a sense of artistic expression and cultural reverence with deep spiritual meaning.

Designer Alessandra Durand believes that fashion has the power to be an agent of change, and she hopes to make a statement at Miami Swim Week with her visionary creations. Collaborating with talented Shipibo artists in Peru, like globally renowned artist Olinda Silvano, she has crafted a collection that not only showcases their exquisite artwork but also honors the culture and traditions of indigenous communities like the Shipibo-Conibo tribe.

Bringing the essence of the Peruvian Amazon to Miami Swim Week is a dream come true -Alessandra Durand

"Bringing the essence of the Peruvian Amazon to Miami Swim Week is a dream come true," shares Alessandra. "To me, fashion can be a powerful medium for honoring diversity, and preserving indigenous cultural heritage and traditional art forms. With this collection, we not only showcase indigenous artwork to the world but also carve out a vital space for indigenous artisans within the realm of fashion. They are no longer just limited to the streets of Lima."

Alessandra Durand's journey into fashion has been shaped by her upbringing and unique personal experiences. Born to Peruvian parents dedicated to social justice and humanitarian causes, Alessandra's background in International Development during her studies at Oxford University and Stanford ignited her fascination with alternative economic models and social entrepreneurship in solving humanity’s most pressing needs. Visiting a slum in Lima known as Cantagallo, where a collective of Shipibo-Conibo artists live, she witnessed the challenges of talented artists who cannot share their work and handicrafts beyond the streets of Lima.

Guests at Miami Swim Week are in for an immersive journey through the verdant realms of the Amazon as they behold the debut of Kené Kaya's extraordinary swimwear collection. Seamlessly fusing elegance, artistry, and cultural reverence, this collection aims to etch an indelible mark on the canvas of the fashion landscape.

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Photo courtesy of Teo Montoya.
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