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Finding Beauty With Lisa Lee Merritt in Miami

One of the best-known people in the cosmetic industry is located in South Florida. Lisa Lee Merritt, commonly known as Lisa Lee, has over 20 years experience in the cosmetics and hair styling business. As a result, she has developed an outstanding reputation for creating extraordinary results by emphasizing her clients’ best features.

Her first interest in cosmetics began when she was in the 7th grade helping her friends fix their make-up. After graduation from high school, she moved to New York City in the 80’s working part-time with photographers and others who were interested in making their models more glamorous.

In the 1990’s Lisa Lee received a degree in business but found this did not fulfill her dreams of a cosmetic career. In 1992, finding she was more interested in skincare and makeup than business, she pursued studies in this field at the Beauty Schools of America with additional classes at Germaine de Capuccini and CA BOTANA International.

Opening her first salon in Miami in 1997, Lisa achieved an immediate success. It was in 2005 that she opened her Alluring Faces™ Beauty Salon and soon became well-known as an expert makeup artist and hair stylist. As a result, she has enjoyed doing makeup for models, actors and actresses in many areas of the Modeling and Entertainment World as well as working with her local clientele.

Lisa describes her personal style as clean, simple with a dash of sexy. For personal use, she stresses the use of real organic coconut oil for skin hydration, after a shower, plus using it as a medicine and for cooking.

Considered a creative glamour artist, Lisa Lee is highly honored throughout the cosmetic industry. This was apparent when she was granted a “Women in the Arts Beauty Professional” Award in 2013 and the “Best Makeup Artist in Miami” in 2016.
Offering makeup application designed for special occasions is one of her many talents. This includes vintage, high fashion, natural and modern styles. Airbrush makeup is popular and uses custom blended materials to beautify the face. It is also sometimes used to camouflage other things on the body such as stretch marks, tattoos, birthmarks and scarring.

One section of Lisa’s business is assisting in South Florida wedding preparations. Dozens of pictures online show her brides with stunning makeup and beautiful hairstyles. She has developed methods of handling all types of hair texture. This means, whether your hair is curly, straight, thin, coarse, or needs hair extensions, the result will be one of outstanding splendor.
An additional 5-star service offered by Lisa is assistance in planning your wedding, whether a South Florida or Miami destination. As a well-known and respected business person, Lisa, who is a third-generation Floridian, is able to work with some of the best venues and best vendors in these locations.

Where hair and makeup are concerned it is important to go to a salon that brings your best inner and outer features to the surface. At the Alluring Faces™ Salon, a stylist will hold a consultation with you, look at your hair and skin and offer suggestions as to what will best suit your particular desires.

Bringing out the very best features and make you beautiful is what Lisa Lee Merritt’s Alluring Faces™ Salon is all about.

Also you can read interview with Lisa in our magazine's site. And book an appointment www.alluringfaces.com

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Finding Beauty With Lisa Lee Merritt in Miami

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