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What is Hotter than Summer in Miami? Thai food!

Miami has always been a destination for great food and It is no surprise that it has some of the very best Thai restaurants in the State. We are not talking about some fusion or hybrid Indian Thai or Korean Thai- but real authentic Thai made with the same ingredients used in Thailand. For those who have never tasted Thai food, you should try it at least once in your lifetime. The good thing about Thai cuisine is that it offers both meat and vegetarian dishes and the varieties are endless. What you get in Thai food is the complex balance of sour, sweet, salty and spicy taste – all in one dish and typically at the end there is a very sweet dessert. Rest assured, you will be drinking lots of water or some cool beverage to turn the heat down in your mouth.

From the world renowned Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai to the spicy green curry and papaya salad, these Thai classic dishes offer a fiery mixture of exotic flavors and tastes unlike any other cuisine you have ever tasted.

So which is the best Thai restaurant in Miami? Well the list is not long but some are better than others. Here we offer you our tips on where you can try delicious Thai food without breaking the bank. All the restaurants mentioned below can alter the menu depending on your personal preferences. Mind you if you are not into eating hot and spicy foods, then order ample water and always ask for the mildest dish first.

At the top of the list and the most talked about is Ricky's Thai Bistro. Nothing spectacular from the outside, but once you enter you will smell the aroma of fresh herbs and spices. Knows for its fresh ingredients most of which are grown in their own herb garden, this restaurant probably serves the best noodles in Miami. Not in the mood for noodles, ask for coconut soup with fresh herbs and mushrooms or a spicy papaya salad. Not only great food but very affordable.

Thai House 11 Restaurant located in Northern Miami Beach with its simple Asian style décor and very friendly staff offers a unique experience with its deep fried duck, coconut curry, and barbecue satay. The recommended dish here is the fiery red curry fried with chicken and cooked in coconut cream. Spicy, succulent and hot; you will need several cold beers to go with it. And if you are celebrating, do not worry, they have the famous and very sweet Thai mango sticky rice.

Panya Thai is a hidden gem in North Miami because not only does it offer take out but has recipes that taste a cut above the rest. Must try dishes here includes the flavored lime fish. sauteed spicy prawns with ginger and the pad Thai. Another new dish for those who love it hot, is the Green curry made from coconut milk, bamboo shoots, Thai basil, eggplant, lots of Thai herbs and lime leaves – every taste bud in your mouth will experience nirvana.

The Sawaddee Thai Sushi is a modern version of new Thai food- located in Miami beach it offers hot spicy dishes which will make you tingle all over. Try the hot papaya salad and cool off with ice cold Thai tea.

Finally there is Cake Thai Kitchen, located on Biscayne blvd. Ranked as the top Thai restaurant in Miami and for a very good reason. While seemingly unpretentious on the outside, it is the inside where it matters. Try the Tom Yum Gumh which is the masterpiece – it comes loaded with lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, mushrooms and succulent shrimps. Once you try this dish you will understand why people are so passionate about Thai cuisine.

If you have no idea what Thai restaurant to go, forget about the prices, the menu and the exterior- just look at the number of people sitting inside and if there are many, than you will not be disappointed.

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Best Thai Restaurants in Miami

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