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Miami and Food trucks

Food trucks are a novelty to Miami; having been introduced to the city in the later part of the 2008. However, since then these food trucks have been a big hit. In the past food trucks were always associated with oily greasy food served by people with sweaty hands- well, that was the past- the food trucks of today offer a gourmet variety of healthy foods that are suitable for people with all types of taste buds. Food trucks have become big business and to maintain their reputation, they make fresh food everyday.

There are many food trucks in Miami serving everything from the traditional hot dogs and burgers, to fish tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches. There are also food trucks that offer Asian or Chinese noodles, Cuban sandwiches and empandas and yes, ice cream of every flavor you can think off.

In most cases, the trucks offer a healthy serving of food at low cost and this is what attracts customers. Today, many food truckers have their own apps that can be downloaded and you will know where the truck will be and at what time. And you can even read the menu online; and all you have to do is walk up to the truck and order.

So what are the best food trucks in Miami?

There are several food trucks that stand out which include Ms. Cheezious, Latin burger, B & B Joint food truck, Killer Melts, Dim Ssam a go-go, Los chamos, Fat tacos and Gastropod.

All these trucks serve great fresh hot food and there is no real difference between them. It is all a mater of personal choice in what type of food you prefer.

The problem with food trucks is that they usually arrive at the location usually Miami or South beach at 11 am and the food is quickly sold out. There is only so much food a truck can carry. Plus, the lines are long and you really have to be one of the first ones to be sure that you get the food.

Today, there are food truck fairs in some part of Miami almost on a weekly basis; here you get to taste food from different trucks and also enjoy the festive occasion.
Recently, several restaurants in Miami have now joined with food trucks to promote their foods. For example El Rey de las Fritas, a local restaurant that serves Cuban burgers, now has a truck, as does the popular ice cream chain, Cold Stone Creamery.

On the other hand, there are some food truck who have now ventured into the restaurant business like Dim Ssam and A go-go Sakaya kitchen.

Whatever your food craving, you will find it in one of these food trucks. And for the price, food trucks are unbeatable.

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Miami and Food trucks

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