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Miami Beach - best city for gay guys

One of the best cities for gays to visit or live is Miami. Way before even gay rights were advocated, Miami led the nation in accepting gays as part of society.

For many years, gays from all over the nation have moved to Miami to make it their home, not only because of the weather, but because they are allowed to maintain their lifestyle without any hassles and violence.

South Beach has always been a favored destination for gays for the same reasons as everyone else. Each year, thousands of gays descend upon Miami Beach because each year, the place is better than the years before. There is a lot more to Miami than just getting a bronzed body and drinking tequila.

Miami has year round great weather, beautiful beaches, sexy people, hot nightlife and more important, an accepting society. There is no place more gay than South Beach in the country- while once it was rare to see men walking together on the beach, today, holding hands and kissing is common. Gays have been a fabric of Miami culture.

The latest survey by non-profit Human rights Campaign reveals that Miami is the top dog wen it comes to accepting gays. Today there are openly gay elected officials in Miami and hate crimes against them are rare. Over the past few years, Miami has enacted strong policies and laws for lesbians and gays so that they can live in harmony with others.

The acceptance of gays in society has also been a boom to the State of Florida. The tourism industry has flourished because gays from all over the globe frequently have their gatherings and conventions in Miami. Each year hundreds of thousands of gays come to the many beaches in Miami to soak up the sun and party.

More than ever, South Beach is a place for those who value people, life, culture and yes, cuisine. Besides the multiple shopping areas, South Beach is easy to access and each week there are fun fulled events like Wine tasting, barbecues, water activities, volleyball, charity events and music festivals.

Today, South Florida ranks as one the best places in the country for gays to raise families and retire. In fact, many communities are now actively trying to welcome gays because they are being appreciated as peaceful citizens who rarely hassle others. Further, businesses in Florida learnt long time ago that in order for them to succeed, they needed to have tolerance for everyone in society.

As Miami becomes a gay friendly destination this has also resulted in more options for the tourist. Now there are hundreds of bars and clubs, which openly invite gays because they see them as people with double incomes. Hotels now routinely accept gays and the overall acceptance has been a big boost to the local economy.

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Miami Beach - best city for gay guys

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