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Heka Healthcare Consulting firm in South Florida

Over the past few years there has been an increased concern about the growing shortage of primary care providers, because many doctors are opting to practice in more lucrative specialty areas. In South Florida, for example, there is a growing demand for cosmetic surgeons. Since being a board certified plastic surgeon is not required to practice cosmetic surgery in Miami, some doctors have chosen to take this route. As a result, there continues to be an increased demand for primary care doctors in the area; one company, Heka Healthcare Consulting, hopes to address this gap through its network of partnerships by assisting doctors who are interested in opening a private practice.

Dr. Kristy Taylor, the company’s founder, has partnered with Ms. Sonda Eunus of Leading Management Solutions in Orlando, FL and Mr. Taryrece Swint of Equitable Med Solution in Atlanta, GA to offer a comprehensive suite of services to private practice physicians locally and nationwide. “We can assist doctors who are planning to open a new practice as well as those already in business. As a team, our goal is to help doctors run their businesses as smoothly has possible by alleviating some of the stress. We provide support for start-up planning, EMR selection, medical billing & coding, staff development, compliance management, and more! We whole-heartedly believe that the services we provide will help to improve the quality and delivery of patient care in the future,” Dr. Taylor stated.

Heka Healthcare Consulting, LLC is a boutique South Florida based healthcare consulting firm. The company specializes in instructional design, e-learning, project management, compliance management, Six Sigma Lean consulting, and IT development for healthcare organizations. Additionally, the training arm of the company, the Heka Healthcare Academy, offers a host of industry specific certifications and professional development courses.

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Heka Healthcare Consulting firm in South Florida

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