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The ULTRA Music Festival in Miami

The ULTRA Music Festival in Miami is known throughout the world for its fantasic presentation of music, lights and design. Founded in Miami by Russel Faibisch and Alex Omes in March of 1999, it is now presented throughout the world in places such as Bogota, Tokyo, Lima, Seoul, and Spain. This electronic dance music (EDM) festival is a place where electronic music enthusiasts can enjoy the music of well-known artists while mingling with other participants. The name UlTRA was named after Depeche Mode's 1997 ULTRA music album.

The construction of the outstanding stages and lighting is the result of many hours of hard work and dedication. The top DJs are located on several stages with unique and massive "lighting structures" surrounding the stage. Steve Lieberman, LD/production designer, Ray Steinman and creative designer Richard Milstein work together to present a wonderful and creative area to enhance musician's presentation. Each stage has more than 200 moving lights, video elements and tons of LEDS. These stages are individually designed and with the main stage being 200 feet wide and 88 feet tall.

This year's music festival will again be held in Miami's beautiful downtown Bayfront Park, which not only provides a beautiful scenic view but also has the space to accommodate large crowds. Three-day tickets are sold for Tiers One, Two and Three. Tier One(Early Bird) is $299.95, Tier Two (Advance) is $324.95 and Tier Three (Regular) is $349.95. VIP tickets are available for $750, which allows one to avoid standing in line. Unfortunately, Tiers One and Two are sold out. Table service is available for VIP guests over the age of 21.

There are 31 well-known headliners and 41 support groups scheduled for this festival. Headliners such as AFROJACK, CARIBOU, MARCO CAROLA, MIKE SNOW, JAMIE JONES and TYCHO as well as support groups such as FAKEAR, FELIX JAEHN, ROBIN SCHULTA and many other well known musicians will perform. The spectacular light displays allow these performers to present their best in electronic music.

Attendance at the festival this year is expected to top 250,000 with ticket sales amounting to over $30 million dollars. The overall economic impact on South Florida is expected to be approximately $79 million dollars. Attendees are not just from the United States but 60% come from other parts of the world.

Because of security concerns, those entering the park will be patted down, must show government identification and only transparent bags and backpacks are permitted. No one under 18 years of age is admitted to the park.

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ULTRA Music Fest Miami

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