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Pure peppermint oil cures South Florida problems

Pure peppermint oil has been in use for centuries as indicated in archaeological finds dating back to 1000 BC. Its benefits have been confirmed in over 302 scientific studies that have shown peppermint essential oils have extensive benefits for any household. It not only has health benefits but is a simple way to eliminate some of the many household pest problems found in Miami. Radha Beauty Peppermint Essential Oil is foremost in the field of peppermint oil production, using the highest standards for producing 100% pure and natural essential oil therapeutic products.

The Radha Company
Starting with excellent skincare products, the Radha Company has advanced to including essential oils in its line. These oils are 100% pure and natural with no additives. This product is 10% Mentholatum, a aromatic compound which naturally occurs in flower bud oil.
All of the company’s essential oils come from nature and are obtained from all over the world, including the USA. The plant material is processed with steam and cooled in liquid form. The oil then undergoes an extensive quality control test. Radha Beauty is proud of the fact that none of their Essential or Carrier Oils are diluted.
NOTE: This product is not designed to be taken internally.

Pure peppermint oil in Miami

Health Benefits Of Peppermint Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil has been found to help the following conditions:
• Relieves tension Headaches
• Improves concentration and alertness
• Clears the respiratory track
• Calms the body
• Freshens bad breath
• Relieves sore muscles
• Curbs desire for snacks
• Soothes minor stomach discomfort
• Enhances the flavor of food and water
• Relieves headaches
• Boosts energy
• Natural pain reliever
• Soothes Toothaches

Application is made by placing one or two drops on the area that is causing problems. For a headache, place a drop or two on the temple for relief. When applied to the temples, wrists and forehead, it can relieve stress. For a relaxing bath, after a hard day, five to ten drops placed in the bathwater will help sore muscles. For congestion, placing 2 or three drops in a humidifier is effective. If you have a bad cough, try finding relief with peppermint essential oil steam.

Peppermint Oil And Household Pests
Anyone who lives in Miami or South Florida is well aware of household pests that prevail in this part of the country. Some of these are cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, true flies, ants, bees, wasps, mice and rats. Peppermint oil can help keep a home free of bugs.
Mice can cause significant damage as well as carrying disease. If pure peppermint oil is put on cotton balls and distributed around the house mice will leave the premises. These cotton balls have to be replaced 1 or 2 days a week. Peppermint oil cotton balls will also repel spider, ants, mosquitos and other pests. You can also use a spray bottle to spray directly on the insect. It is an inexpensive way to keep your home free of these bugs.
If you are being bombarded with mosquitoes, mix a few drops in a bottle with water and spray across the body. Mosquitoes cannot stand the smell and will not attack you when this is done. You can also find directions, on the Internet, for use of peppermint oil to fight bugs in your garden.

Pure peppermint oil in Miami

Other Peppermint Oil Uses
There are a number of other uses for peppermint oil which will benefit South Florida Residents. These require mixing with other ingredients. Recipes for the following can be found on the Internet:
• Peppermint & Lemon Face Wash
• All Natural Peppermint Oil Shampoo (will also kill lice)*
• Soothing Foot Soak • Exfoliating Peppermint Sugar Scrub • Peppermint Tea Tree Bath Salts • Hanging Air Fresheners • Homemade General Purpose Disinfectant • Citrus Mint Wood Cleaner & Dusting Spray • Homemade Surface & Glass Cleaner • 2-3 drops of peppermint can also be added to regular shampoo* This is a simple method of pest extermination which will benefit both the user and their surroundings. Imagine a hanging air freshener that can make your home or car smell like peppermint. The smell is relaxing and has a calming effect on those who inhale it.

Pure peppermint oil in Miami

Peppermint Oil Precautions
As with other products, some people with sensitive skin may find peppermint oil irritating. In addition, over time people have been known to develop allergies to essential oils. This makes it essential to always put some peppermint oil on the back of the hand for several hours before inhaling it or applying it to a large area of the body.
Peppermint oil, when mixed with other ingredients, produces a product that is more effective than many commercial brands offered in a store. However, one must never take peppermint oil internally. An exception to this are special capsules that are prescribed by a physician.

Radha Peppermint Oil is produced under the most sanitary conditions possible. It is not placed on the market prior to being subjected to countless tests to assure the safety and quality of the product. People in Florida can greatly benefit from the use of this essential oil. This includes health, beauty, pest control and general household uses. A person can purchase this product with complete assurance that it is a powerful essential oil that will meet all their expectations. People in Florida can feel better, have a pest free house and enjoy the odor of peppermint throughout their house and car by the simple use of peppermint oil.

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Pure peppermint oil cures South Florida problems

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