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Where to Eat - Fabulous Food Trucks in Miami

Food trucks are an amazing place to sample some of the best recipes in the world. It is definitely not for those who like to sit in air conditioned restaurants, but for those who like to try new stuff. Here are some of the best food trucks in Miami that you must try out if you are a foodie:

Dim Ssam a Go-go
They like to move around a lot, and they are all over the city. If you are sampling them for the first time, try their grille chicken breast with garlic and ginger sauce. They will serve it with brown rice and peanuts. While you are at it, try their chocolate chip cookie as well.

El Rey de Las Fritas
You will find them parked at Little Havana. Based on their brand name, their best recipe has to be The Fritas. What's that, you ask? It is grounded beef that comes with chorizo; crisp potato sticks with Cuban roll and King's special seasoning.

They are mostly parked at Wynwood, but sometimes they like to move around a bit. While you are at it, you must sample the Old Dirt Dawg. Cool name, huh? It's a smoky hot dog that comes topped with aged cheddar fondue, mustard, and mustard seeds, and Stupid Slaw (secret ingredient). Everything is placed neatly on a potato bun.

Hip Pops
Just like Dim Ssam a Go-go, these are mostly on the run. They are known for their frozen hot chocolate recipe. If you love chocolates, and who doesn't, then you must sample this unique recipe, or else you could be running the risk of wasting your trip to Miami and that would an unpleasant experience!

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Where to Eat - Fabulous Food Trucks in Miami

Article's Author: Benjamin Roussey
Published in: travel

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