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Airbnb is the way to go in Miami

Miami has thousands of hotel rooms- but they are not cheap. Even the cheapest hotel rooms start at $80 a night. With hotels there are many restrictions but they do offer many amenities.

Well, anyone who plans to go to Miami should avoid hotels from now on - Airbnb has firmly established itself in this city and offers rooms and homes of every type and size. Further, many come with amenities that are in excess of what a hotel can provide; and the best thing- airbnb rentals cost a lot less than any comparable hotel.

Airbnb has shaken up the Miami hotel industry. Today Miami ranks fifth in the nation when it comes to Airbnb rentals after NY, LA, SF, and Boston. And the service is expected to grow in the next few years.

One simply has to go to the Airbnb website and browse at what is available. You can rent a small room for day or a large mansion for a whole week. In almost all cases, the overall cost will be far less than what it would cost to stay in a hotel. Almost all Airbnb rentals in Miami offer a place to cook, so you will save a lot by cooking your own food instead of eating out. You may have access to a home pool and may even have to walk the dog. Plus, most Airbnb rentals are located n the touristic areas so you will not be far from the action.

For as little as $120 you can get a condo with parking, washer dryer facilities and a full kitchen. Some tenants even allow you to use their bicycle.

There are thousands or airbnb properties for rental in Miami and you can essentially get whatever you want. You can get an Oceanside frontal property for $1,000 for a week with full amenities. Of course, the more luxury you want, the higher the cost.


It is important to note that there have been a few scams, so always go on the airbnb site to make any transaction. Further, avoid renting in condo buildings because Miami is still sorting out the zoning laws and some landlords prevent the tenants from renting their rooms. You are much better off with private homes and rooms.

Getting Started and Questions to ask:

  • 1 - Build your profile on the airbnb site so that the other party will know a little about you.
  • 2 - Always ask to see pictures
  • 3 - Do your research, start searching by location, and then be specific.
  • 4 - Is there something that you absolutely need? Are you willing to share?
  • 5 - Ask if there is there free internet, parking and washer dryer facilities; and is there a transit system nearby. Does the place allow you make your own meals and are there any grocery stores nearby?
  • 6 - Read all the property rules and then the reviews

Ask questions and if you ever have doubts, go look somewhere else. Some rentals may require a security deposit and booking; further cancellation policies vary. There is a small booking fee when you first register with Airbnb,

Remember Airbnb is not a hotel and you will have to do some work to keep the place clean.

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Airbnb is the way to go in Miami

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