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Quarantine COVID-19 in Downtown Miami, Florida

 Another day, another opportunity to capture the picturesque, awe-inspiring empty streets and open spaces in and around the Downtown Miami, was spent well. Trying to capture the perfect picture, I experienced an exhilarating feeling of melancholy and palpable gloom. I am not trying to romanticize despair or the current situation, but we rarely get to see nature, and its surrounding architecture in their true form.


I saw, I felt, I clicked


My clicks revealed how the trees were a little greener with the lack of polluted air marring their beauty. The blue of the skies was contrasting well with the grey-white clouds. The architecturally distinct building stood out of the crowd of hi-tech structural marvels around it, alone but, proud. The empty streets breathing for the first time in many years, reminding me of the images I perused once of abandoned cities and forgotten histories.


People say still waters run deep, I don't know about that, but the still waters I observed were magnificent if only a tad bit characteristically enhanced by the docked boats. The arch of the street lights seemed more refined, more artistic even, I felt they were underappreciated. Road markings, traffic signals, everything looked unperturbed, like that of an apocalyptic movie; you would be hypnotized too without the interruption of the fleeting yet very present small crowds here and there.


"Closed until further notice," a common sign hung at several commercial spaces around the area. Although some spaces would slowly open up, nobody knows when we will find normalcy again. Empty parking spaces, and closed shuttered echoed the same concern. The similarities to some dystopian universe I had once read about, seemed as startling as my changing ideas about Downtown Miami. Today, I can say that the colors, thoughts, shapes, structures, and sizes of every establishment and open space in Downtown Miami intrigued me like never before, but the crowd and the emotion of the space appeared amiss.


The wrap up


Things are changing very quickly in the country as the Covid-19 or Wuhan virus situation is evolving. Every day there is a news or two about areas opening or closing off, we don't know when everything will open up, but, these empty streets and spaces, which used to be filled to the brim with crowds give us hope and a sign that beauty exists in all forms, through every disaster, and through it surely resides in the eye of the beholder.

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Quarantine COVID-19 in Downtown Miami, Florida

Article's Author: Benjamin Roussey
Published in: places

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