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Must try Caribbean dish in Miami

There are various ethnic enclaves throughout America but none really compare to that of Miami. It’s no secret that Miami has a colorful population. From the sizzling weather to beautiful spoken languages and with the food just as important, Miami is definitely the city to visit. Miami is home to a number of Caribbean people and has brought forth nostalgic neighborhoods such as little Haiti, Little Havana, Lauder Lakes among many others. The Caribbean is known for its spices and flavors when it comes to food and just like the language that these beautiful people brought with them to the Magic City so did the food. With the tropical weather of Miami much like that of the Caribbean the food is easy to be allocated. Caribbean food is a flavor that fuses a mixture of afro-centric and afro-carib culinary traditions to produce undoubtedly the world's greatest comfort. From mouthwatering signature dishes like the Cuban sandwich to some spicy jerk chicken, follow me on a quest to find the seven must try Caribbean dishes while in Miami……. who doesn’t love food right?

At around Christmas time in almost every Guyanese home the traditional Pepperpot is served. Pepperpot is a rich meaty stew and is usually served with bread. It simmers in a crock pot for at least five hours. Some even go as far as days…..yes, but trust and believe when served, it gives you the best foodgasm you have ever felt.

Beef Patties
A Beef Patty is a signature Jamaican pastry that holds the perfectly seasoned beef that is filled inside of a flaky shell. Places like Golden Krust with several restaurants located in and around Miami offers authentic delicious patties reminiscent of Jamaica.

Ackee & Saltfish
The famous Ackee and Saltfish is Jamaica’s very own national dish. The codfish and ackee is boiled together then sautéed with onions, bell peppers, pimento and thyme. This dish is generally served with boiled bananas, roasted breadfruit, dumplings among many other sides of your choosing.

Trinidad's very own comfort food is Roti and no this is not just a flat bread. There is some sort of magic you know an extra umph to a Trini roti. There are two styles of Trini roti; the buss up shot that is made over stovetop by busting up the roti dough and the second is dhalpuri made with split pea, my absolute favourite….so yummy!

Cuban sandwich
A Cuban sandwich otherwise known as a Cuban mix is a signature variation of a ham and cheese sandwich. This popular sandwich originated back in the late 1800s to early 1900s when this sandwich was being served to Cuban immigrant workers, working in Keywest and Tampa. It is made with Swiss cheese, traditional Cuban bread, ham, pork, mustard and pickles to top it off.

So fried plantain are the bomb they literally speak to your taste buds. They are sweet and are loved by many if not all. Plantains are popular in places such as Nigeria, Caribbean and South America. If you haven’t had plantains yet please do, it will change your life!

Jerk Chicken
Jamaica’s popular mouthwatering Jerk Chicken is a well marinated blend of a lot of spices and pimento which is key. The marinated chicken is then jerked on what is called a jerk pan. Jerk chicken causes a taste buds explosion in your mouth that will leave you licking your ten fingers and wanting for more!

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Must try Caribbean dish in Miami

Article's Author: Kristal Tracey
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