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Exploring Third Street South Naples

One of the most exciting locations in Southern Florida is Third Street in Naples. This area offers a wealth of shopping and other events that make it a fun place to visit.

As an historical area of Naples it abounds with antique fountains, courtyards, attractive shops and flowers. There are art galleries that are full of ceramics, paintings and other attractive works. Antique stores feature goods from Asia, Europe and the United States and boutiques have a wealth of garden and interior decorations, china and other accessories for the entire home. In addition, there are excellent restaurants, chic shopping areas, pubs and a series of yearly events that will keep you fascinated.

There is a wealth of excellent restaurants in this part of the city. These include outdoor cafés, pubs, and award winning restaurants, which are designed to satisfy any palate. An example is Campiello's that serves a wealth of Italian dishes. Their lavish interior features Michelangelo styled murals, and a glass atrium ceiling which allows one to eat under the stars. If you like southern type food the place to go is Cracklin' Jacks. Third Street South is a food lover's delight where it is possible to sample different types of food or enjoy something that is familiar. Many of these restaurants also offer live entertainment and have a pet friendly attitude.

The shopping area of Third Street South is especially designed to present elegance and pleasure to the shopper. These shops offer clothing of all types, gift boutiques, jewelry stores and items that can be used in the home. Third Street Mall offers a wealth of shops that can fit any desire for regular or high-end clothing or other items.

In addition to being a shoppers delight, there are numerous events that take place on this exciting street. They include January-Pets on Third, May-Derby Day, July-Fourth of July and November-Christmas on Third. These present the opportunity for visitors to the area to participate in a fun event. Other current events include wine tastings, garden tours, antique lectures, cooking classes, jewelry exhibitions, fashion shows and many other things that provide an interesting change of pace when shopping.

There are numerous art galleries on this street with special events such as showing a "John Lennon Art Exhibit". The Darvish Collection Gallery of Fine Art, Englishman Fine Art and Antiques, Etinne and Galerie Azur are just a few of the many art galleries that are available in this part of Naples.

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Exploring Third Street South Naples

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