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Brickell City Centre Mall

Have you ever traveled to South Florida? Are you curious about what it's like shopping in Miami?
Miami is a beautiful place full of sandy beaches with clear waters and palm trees, but also packed with fun enjoyable shopping malls. Brickell city centre mall is a $1.05 billion landmark of shopping space in Miami. If your searching for a great experience shopping in Miami this might be where you want to head to get the job done.

Brickell centre offers 4.9 million square feet of mixed use high end shopping brands. The walk ways are clove with some of your favorite and new fantastic restaurant, bars and cafes. The three levels of shops and eateries that exist around saks fifth avenue makes it feel like in city within a city.

The beautiful architecture of the buildings peak into the downtown city's skyline. The location is fairly easy to get to, with accessible parking. Surprisingly if you get your ticket validated at the customer service desk you'll receive 50% off rates during your shopping experience.

Miami can get extremely hot, so the mall is great at keeping the indoors nice and cool. The flow of air that travels through the outdoor parts of the mall makes it a energy filled enjoyable environment. Taking a stroll around with your friends, family or children to check out the designers breathtaking architect can be the most memorable shopping scene you've ever seen.

Florida has plenty of beautiful scenery to take in and enjoy, but this is one you must add to your Miami must visit list.

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Brickell City Centre Mall

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