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New York Jewelry Buyer Comes to Miami

Many times a person has beautiful jewelry that has just outlived its usefulness. Gold and diamond jewelry, luxury watches, fine silver, coins and bullion can now be redeemed for cash with a simple phone call at (888) 222-0208. Rather than allow these items to just lay around, many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive the highest price on the market in a simple and easy process.

Why Dispose of Unused Jewelry or Other Valuables?

As one grows older there is the realization that many beautiful items, such as jewelry, luxury watches or coins are no longer needed. As a result, many people are turing their jewelry in South Florida into cash. Sometimes this money is used to set up a trust fund, given to charity or simply used to enjoy life in general. This is much better than just having it sit in a box and later disposed of by someone who does not realize its true value. In this type of situation, having items expertly appraised by a company such as TRUVAL can assure that their true value is realized.

Truval New York Jewelry Buyer Comes to Miami How to Obtain an Appraisal for Jewelry in Miami

TRUVAL offers the highest expertise in the field of valuables to assure their customers receive the best possible price for their items. This appraisal is available online at www.truval.com or you can ship your items free with FedEx. FedEx not only provides a tracking service but insurance of up to $100,000. Whether choosing the online option or shipping with FedEx, each item is appraised by a certified gemologist, coin expert or certified GIA diamond expert. While jewelry stores, auction houses and other locations originally offer high prices, unfortunately there is usually a selling fee and other charges. This does not happen at TRUVAL. Your items will be appraised at the highest value possible to be sure you have the maximum benefit of your sale.

Truval’s reputation

TRUVAL is a company that is known worldwide. As a member of the international community, their ability to immediately connect with the global market allows them to offer the highest prices available for jewelry, diamonds, gold and coins. With an A+ Better Business Rating and 5 star reviews they have proven themselves a leader in the field. You can be assured that you will receive a detailed assessment of any item submitted so there is no misunderstanding. They specialize in making all business transactions safe for their customers and, if you decide not to sell your items, they are immediately returned via registered mail. This makes it possible to sell your jewelry at no risk.

Truval New York Jewelry Buyer Comes to Miami Looking for Your Valuables

Many times jewelry, coins or fine silver will be in a family for many years. Often it accumulates in a drawer or other location with no one knowing its value. This is true of jewelry in South Florida as well as jewelry in Miami. Have you looked around lately to see exactly what you have? What looks like a pretty stone could actually be a valuable diamond. A pile of coins can often contain one that is rare. If you have such an article, or articles, why not get a free appraisal and see if you actually have something that may be worth many thousands of dollars. Highly qualified appraisers at TRUVAL’S can quickly determine the highest value and offer the most competitive prices.

Increased Demand for Miami Jewelry

Over time, jewelry, fine watches, coins and fine silver have greatly increased in value. This means that a piece that originally cost $1,000 a century ago can be worth as much as $5,000 or $10,000 today. Regarding diamonds, for example, at TRUVAL’S the value of each diamond is determined by the cut, clarity, color and weight. The most valuable cut of a diamond is one that has light shooting out of the top of the stone which gives it a shine and sparkle. Clarity means that it is free of blemishes with a perfect stone being flawless. Colorless diamonds are the most desirable with carat weight referring to weight measurement. With their GIA certified diamond buyers your diamonds can be quickly appraised at their highest value. Luxury watches, fine silver, coins and other items receive the same service in Miami when determining their worth.

Truval in Miami

Currently, Truval is considering opening a location in Florida. This will allow customers to enter into one of their shops, have immediate contact with one of their experts and receive an ‘on the spot’ appraisal. In the meantime, you can use their easy online or telephone contact for more information.

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New York Jewelry Buyer Comes to Miami

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