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Dennis Gonzalez - Great Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you're innocent or at fault, finding yourself in the thick of criminal charges can be extremely distressing. But it's your basic right to defend yourself against the claims against you. While there are some who may suggest that you fight your case on your own, navigating the legal system can be challenging to decipher. You stand the greatest chance of succeeding when you have a professional who knows the legal risks and obstacles that you'll be facing. Having the right criminal defense attorney to help you through the paperwork, trials, pleadings and legal process can also alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with your case.

Attorney Dennis Gonzalez is an experienced criminal litigator. Having served the State of Florida in the Miami-Dade County as a Criminal Prosecutor, he has prevailed on a variety of Criminal Jury Trials, Motions to Dismiss and Motions to Suppress. His accolades include the following:

Excellent rating from AVVO
Former state prosecutor
Fully licensed to practice in all State of Florida Courts
NADC Top One Percent Nomination

Mr. Gonzalez has a solid approach to criminal defense based on his trial skills and his thorough approach to the criminal defense system. With a wealth of resources, clients will have access to the firm’s excellent motion to practice experience, top notch criminal investigation team and trial strategies that will help attain a successful outcome for the client. Dennis Gonzalez Jr. is a Criminal Defense attorney who is devoted to his client base.

Whether you’re facing an assault and battery charge, conspiracy, cyber crime, drug offense or fraud, no case is either too small or large for the firm. Attorney Dennis Gonzalez and his team are here to defend your reputation and liberty. The Criminal Defense system can be complex and overwhelming with the many rules, regulations and laws. With his legal team involved, Dennis Gonzalez will be able to defend your case and oversee a proper resolution. Call for your own no-obligation initial consultation today at: 305-209-0384.

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Dennis Gonzalez - Great Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

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