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My father treated me to the best meal in Miami

Zuma is a Japanese cuisine style restaurant situated in the Epic hotel in Downtown Miami. It boasts sophistication and elegance with a very trendy touch. Everyone is dressed to impress and the atmosphere is just beyond enjoyable. I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite restaurant in Miami and possibly the world! The outside section is right on the docks, and you have a nice view of the parked yachts contrasted with the downtown buildings in the back. The bar is a nice waiting area until your table is ready, and they have a variety of nice cocktails; even if you don’t really like alcohol, the mocktails are good too. I just prefer a simple Mimosa.

For starter I suggest the fried shrimp tempura, and any kind of sushi as it is phenomenal. I usually go for their salmon and avocado hand roll with spicy mayo, along with salmon sashimi and ebi shrimp. For the main course I recommend the ribeye with wafu sauce or the baby chicken. Personally, the ribeye cooked well done is my preference. The menu is a little pricey but the food is extremely fresh and gourmet to say the least. It is worth every penny! The dishes are almost tapas style; they are small so be sure to get a variety of different dishes. Whenever, my dad is in town he takes me to Zuma, as you can never go wrong there. It serves for a cool hang-out, dining with the family or even business meals.

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Zuma is the best meal in Miami

Article's Author: Adriana
Published in: nightlife

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