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Haulover beach - officially nude beach in Florida

South Florida offers sunshine almost every day of the year. While most people prefer to take in the rays of the sun with their bathing suits, there are some who prefer to go au- natural – I mean why waste the sun’s energy on clothes?

Like most cities, South Florida, does have nude beaches but with some restrictions. The only legal and officially recognized nude beach in Florida is Haulover beach. There are several other beaches but the amount of nudity is limited and depends on how much tolerance law enforcement has on that particular day.

Haulover beach is perhaps the oldest and most well known of the nude beaches in south Florida. It is located on a strip of land about 1/1/2 miles just north of Bal Harbour which is located midway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. It is annually ranked as one of the top nude beaches on the planet. Besides the white soft sands and pristine blue waters, this beach is very family friendly, has ample parking and all the other amenities are located close by. The reason people prefer to go nude here is because it is like a community and is relatively safe. Besides heterosexual nudes, Haulover also attracts many gay naturists from all over the globe. There are clearly marked signs all over the place so that people are not accidentally surprised by people disrobing. The beach area is closely guarded and there are lifeguards. Not only can one get a tan here, swim and surf but the beach offers picnic facilities. People of all ages can be found here every day of the week. The beach also gets crowded during the weekends.

Haulover beach has also become quite famous for nudists to have discreet sex, especially in the evening- and more often then not; these people are either swingers or gay. And they usually welcome onlookers to join them. So make sure you have ample KY jelly and a dozen condoms on you, just in case you get lucky.

The other two beaches that offer some degree of unofficial nudity are Miami Beach and South Beach. These two beaches are alive day or night. In the past 2 decades, the arrival of Europeans who love to go nude at the beach has led to some tolerance for topless sunbathing. There are many people in various stages of undress but complete nudity is not permitted. If you do take off all your clothes, rest assured, you will be ticketed and even kicked off the beach.

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Miami Nude Beaches

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