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Be a style icon in Miami city

If you would like to be a style icon in a metropolitan city like Miami, there is one thing you need to understand, and that’s layering. If you do it right, you can pull off layering with almost any type of look, from Urban Street Wear to Minimal, so why wouldn’t you want to play with this look? Plus, Miami is scorching hot for most of the year, layering is almost impossible, besides for fall season.

Turtlenecks can sometimes be boring, so we spice it up by throwing a satin slip dress over it! Lets be edgy and throw on dark brown and/or dark green leather biker ankle boots, and match that with a dark brown sling bag. I incorporated these other dark colors to break the black so the outfit isn't completely monochrome. This look might take getting used to but here are the advantages to being adventurous:

1 - You’re substituting a scarf for the turtleneck (scarves are usually the go-to in Fall).
2 - Fall in Miami is not as cold as other places, so the turtleneck should be sufficient warmth.
3 - You get to mix girly satin dress with biker leather ankle boots.
4 - You still get to wear a dress and feel sexy.

I always prefer wearing darker colors in Fall, because it feels like my clothes are relative to the overall mood/weather. Even though it doesn’t really get cold in South Florida, you don’t want to make the mistake of not wearing something long sleeve, especially if you’re close to the beach. I personally don’t enjoy Fall clothing as much as Spring, so at least in this outfit, you get the best of both worlds. I love feeling sexy, and that almost forms part of the Miami lifestyle; but yes, it is a little cold and you can’t go over the top provocative with extra short clothes. So even if you don’t like this particular style, perhaps that’s a gap in the Miami fashion market for you to create your own and inspire the rest of the Floridians!

Where to Buy:

H&M: Black Turtleneck $5.00 (hm.com/us)
Ego Official: Kelera Heeled Biker Boot in Khaki Faux Leather $49.92 (ego.co.uk)
PrettyLittleThing: Stephany Black Satin Slip Dress $35.00 (prettylittlething.us)
Michael Kors: Jamie Medium Saddle Bag $278.00 (macys.com)

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Fall Fever in Miami - be a style icon in metropolitan city.

Article's Author: Adriana
Published in: fashion

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