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How to choose the perfect Miami headdress

Miami is an amazing place. It is hot and sunny almost all year round. A lot of people think that sun glasses and sunscreen can protect them from harmful sunlight and it is true. But today I would like to talk about super stylish accessories as headdresses which can protect you from extra sun and help you to create a unique look.

Straw Hats:
There are such a variety of items you can pick! What can be more elegant than a straw hat with wide brims while promenading down Sunny Isles Beach?! Imagine yourself as a movie star - walking on the white sand, looking at torquoise water and going to see a concert at Samson Oceanfront or to enjoy fresh drinks at the beach. Fancy hat with a shape of the 20's - prolongated hat with narrow brims while biking at Oleta River State Park. Cowboy hat while visiting Miami Zoo would bring "savage elements" to your look. Or you can always stay classy - Choose ribbon on a hat as an accent or matching color to your clothes and you will look just great.

Scarfs and Bandanas:
There is no limit of imagination if you want to wrap a scarf on your head. Look at the photos of Carmen Miranda - Hollywood star and fashion icon, for inspiration. You don't need to stay with one style all the time - express yourself! Pin vintage brooches and clips for going to Art Centre South Florida or place a designer fabric flower on top of your scarf for going to Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. If you want to create a little bit more modern look, choose Bandanas. Celebrities like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Cara Delevingne loves to tie Bandanas in a sexy and funky way in the spirit of Pin-up.

Baseball Hat:
Baseball Hats are cool. First of all, you can do almost any activity and not worry that sun will block your eyes. Doesn't matter if you're playing tennis at Crandon Park, or kayaking at Black Point Marina. Being active and playing sports is healthy. Healthy is the new Sexy. The second reason I would choose a baseball hat is its relation to Hip-Hop and R&B cultures. You can spend all day at Miami Beach and after go to a nightclub like Eve or The Stage. Choose embroidered, decorated with crystals, or neon-colored baseball hats to be the star of the party.

This glamorous fashion accessories is one of the biggest trends of last seasons. Luxury brands like Gucci, Missoni, Thom Browne, and many others have presented it at fashion shows and presentations. A-list celebrities love wearing it not just for events but in casual life too. For example Eva Mendes, famous Hollywood actress, even gave a simple tutorial how to wrap a perfect turban. Be a true fashionista - pick a Turban, especially if you are in the city of the Art-Deco- Miami. It will look same good on you while shopping at Village of Merrick Park or having exclusive cocktails at fancy places like Rose Bar or Sunset Lounge.

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How to choose the perfect Miami headdress

Article's Author: Lily Marotto
Published in: fashion

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