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Organic Shade Pigments - Next Generation Hair in Miami

RM Malisano’s Miami organic shades are made from extracts of exotic plants from the cacao trees in the heart of Mesoamerica to the artisanal leather crafted on the Phoenician coasts of the Mediterranean. Our dyes are rich, vibrant blends of amber, bronze, chestnut, ebony, and scarlet pigments handpicked to complement your skin and eyes. The Miami salon also uses a number of unique color-correcting and color reconstructing powders designed with intensive regenerating formulas.

Both ethically produced and hypoallergenic, our organic shade treatment is completely safe and healthy to use. They are free of parabens, toxins, preservatives, and worries. Designed to enhance your natural beauty, our pigments will color your tresses without ever damaging them further. Instead, they will nourish dry, brittle locks and restore the shine and texture to dulled hair.

Created entirely from herbs, flowers, and seeds, our organic pigments truly epitomize the nexus of nature and technology. RM Malisano’s 13 signature powder mixes are far different than chemical dyes. Endowed with therapeutic properties, they render the hair both healthier and softer with every single use.

Whether you want a brilliant, platinum blonde, a daring ruby red, or a glossy jet black, our beauticians will find a product perfectly suited to you. Start treating your tresses with the love and care they deserve and see for yourself how organic pigments can entirely transform your whole look. Don’t settle for chemical additives and artificial preservatives when you can nourish your hair with essential minerals and colors derived from the earth itself.

Make sure to visit our Miami salon, conveniently located in South Point beach. Book an appointment by calling (305) 538-0000 or emailing info@riccardomalisanomiami.com

About the CEO:
Biany Carrascal Lopez, CEO is an ex-model and entrepreneur. She is passionate about all things beauty and shares her vast experience in the industry through her Miami Salon, Riccardo Malisano.

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Organic Shade Pigments - Next Generation Hair in Miami

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