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Valeri - Miss February 2024

Hello! I’m Valeri, a passionate User-Generated Content Creator and Model based in the vibrant and sunny city of Sunshine, Florida, Miami. I embrace the essence of living in such a dynamic and beautiful place, drawing inspiration from its energy and the magnificent ocean that’s just a stone's throw away.

My journey is one deeply rooted in an active and health-conscious lifestyle. I’ve woven the practice of yoga into the fabric of my daily life, finding balance and tranquility in its timeless postures and philosophies. The ocean calls to me, and I answer by swimming in its vast, soothing expanse as often as I can, feeling a connection to the natural world that is both invigorating and serene.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in my life. I kickstart each day with a green smoothie, packed with nature’s best offerings. It’s my morning ritual, one that energizes me and sets a positive tone for the day ahead. This commitment to health extends beyond just diet and exercise; it encompasses a holistic view of wellness that includes mental and emotional well-being.

My dedication to the planet is unwavering. Over the years, I have been an active supporter of eco-funds, engaging in efforts to protect and preserve our environment. This commitment reflects in my personal life too, where I constantly strive to incorporate sustainable practices and healthy habits, aiming to make a difference, however small it may be.

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting projects and collaborations. The world of content creation is ever-evolving, and I thrive on the opportunity to connect, share, and grow within this creative community. Whether it’s modeling, promoting sustainability, or sharing lifestyle tips, I’m eager to work with like-minded individuals and brands that share my values and vision.

With a heart full of love and a spirit eager to explore and create, I am Valeri. Let’s make something beautiful together.




Photography by Olga Kulakova

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