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Daria Gladkova - Photographer

Daria Gladkova - the most popular Russian/Ukrainian-speaking photographer in Miami.

She is an absolutely unique person, with a unique history, vibrant life stories, professionalism and boundless love for his work. 
Absolutely everyone should remembers the trend in 2018 in the Instagram: to create photos of a body completely covered with red glitter created in Miami Beach. The originality of the idea and the aesthetic completeness of such work quickly spread throughout the world. In the Instagram of every second girl there was a similar photo, embodying a great idea in life.This photo shoot brought her such deafening popularity, the originality of her thinking and aesthetic taste created a real Instagram bomb, which brought together millions of fans and those who want to repeat the plan. Originality and unconventionality, a creative approach to work are precisely the differences due to which Daria is not like more than one of her competitors.

In early 2020, Daria successfully held an photo exhibition of her works in Miami, at which visitors were able to evaluate the author’s work, to be imbued with the emotions and meanings of each photo Feel the 21st Century Art.

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Daria Gladkova Russian/Ukrainian-speaking photographer

Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
Published in: art

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