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One of the best art fairs - Art Basel in Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is the four day off-set art fair to the original Art Basel. Basel is a town in Switzerland that consists of 40 well-respected museums. Art Basel came into existence back in 1970 when a few Basel gallerists envisioned a worldwide celebration and appreciation of art. The Trio Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Bal brought together artists, collectors, curators and critics from every corner of the earth for the first Art Basel. What they foresaw was a huge success and garnered well over 16,000 people. Today Art Basel is hosted in three cities; its origin Basel, Miami and Hong Kong.

Art Basel Miami has been North Americas most anticipated art fair since its inception back in 2001.

Each year Art Basel Miami seeks and succeeds at showcasing art in all forms through exhibitions at galleries and museums throughout the city thus producing a week of elicit and bold art experience much like the cultural melting pot of Miami.

Over the years Art Basel Miami Beach has garnered over 70,000 patrons annually including the birth of endless satellite fairs, events and parties. Over 250 Galleries and artists from all parts of the world come together in the name of Basel to showcase the finest of modern and contemporary art. Local galleries and artist also get their opportunity to showcase their work as well. While Art Basel Miami Beach is undoubtedly the main four day event open to the public, the social calendar and satellite fairs start a few days early to enfold Miami Art Week.

Unequivocally, Art Basel Miami showcases world class art, but what it has done and continues to do is increase positive community and international relations among galleries, artists, institutions among others and this has been deemed to be good for the city.

Art Basel Miami 2016 dates will be from Dec 1st to Dec 4th. For more information on this event https://www.artbasel.com/miami-beach

Autor: Olga Kulakova, Editor of SFL Style magazine

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Art Basel is a famous art show in Miami

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