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Go White Blonde This Summer with Brilliant Blondexx in Sunny Miami

Walk down any street or hit the beach and you see our gorgeous South Florida women with stunning blonde hair. The new 2019 trend is the super white blonde, but that often means damaging your natural hair to achieve it.


The good news is now you can get that eye- catching white blonde with new Brilliant Blondexx, by Ugly Duckling Hair Color founded by Ishan Dutta. Brilliant Blondexx is a revolutionary lightener which protects the hair during the bleaching process. This is the first time ever that any product has bond protection inside a bleach formulation.


What makes Brilliant Blondexx unique is that it contains Malic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid. The Malic Acid creates bonds with the actual hair fiber during the bleaching process. These bonds stay in the hair and reduce the chance of hair breakage during bleaching.


At the same time, the new bleach does not compromise on development time, lifting or neutralization in any way. It lifts safely and effectively up to 7 levels. It takes hair all the way up to that model look with pure white, pearl blonde. You will have perfectly white, but healthy strong hair.


“I asked my Miami Beach hairdresser to apply Brilliant Blondexx to my dark blonde hair.  I was stunned how quickly my hair turned white blonde, and how strong, healthy and flowing my hair looked. I honestly felt like I was ready for a magazine photo shoot when I walked out of the salon, heads turned. This is the only product I will ever allow on my hair, “Alexia M , South Beach.


Blonding Specialist Elona Taki, Taki Salon & Spa stated:


“It spreads like butter & lifts evenly. I love that it’s less irritating on the scalp, at the same time it’s strong enough to lift up to 7 levels. It’s comforting to know that it has a bonding agent and I don’t have to add it in.”   


You can hit the town, beach or club this summer and turn heads with your pearl white blonde stunning hair.



More details about the product :  https://www.uglyducklingcolor.com

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Go White Blonde This Summer with Brilliant Blondexx in Sunny Miami

Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
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