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Mia Scozzafave: A mix of boldness and grace

Mia Scozzafave favorite quote says:
“Flight with determination, embrace life with passion, lose with class and win with boldness, because the world belongs to those who dare and life is too much to be insignificant.” (free translation - Augusto Branco).

And that is exactly how this actress has been living her life.

Born in Brazil, she grew up a tomboy among all her cousins; climbing trees, jumping through windows, in a corral full of cows and bulls, always with skinned knees. Later, when time to choose for College, she had a hard time. Living her family in a smaller town, she moved to the capital, Sao Paulo. Always flirting with the idea of being an actress, she thought this would never happened. Mia went for her second option, to be a journalist, but this also was confusing. Between the comings and goings between Journalism and Fashion programs, she finally set herself and got her bachelor degree in Communications with emphases in Journalism. 

She worked many years as a TV Host, but still, inside a piece was missing. She had a successful career and great opportunities in the horizon, however, her inner artistic loud voice was always there, being muted.

When a friend of a friend told her there was this chance of studying English in Los Angeles, she jumped in the opportunity. She said, see you soon to her family and friends, quit her job and put a pause oh her promising career. “It suppose to be only for 3 months” Mia says, “The idea was to study English because it was very important as a journalist back home”. But this never happened.

After 7 years in the US, not only Mia became an actress, but also a successful one. With more than 8 titles filmed only in the last year, the brazilian has another two movies coming up (In My Father’s Footsteps and Hotel Vegas) and has also a 3 one, under a NDA agreement.

Between her busy routine with shootings, auditions, classes, appearances and events, Mia still manages to have a new project. “I don’t wanna say anything yet, but I’ve been working in a new project that I’ve been passionated for the past couple years. All I can say, it’s related to music, “ Mia says in excitement.

She also believe that taking care of her body and mind is a crucial thing, specially for actors. She exercises everyday and whenever possible, she tries to do it outside. She loves contact with nature and animals, and of course, love Miami and it’s beaches.

“Few months ago I was with my dog in HoneyMoon State Park and just seeing how happy he was, made my trip. That connection that you feel in nature with everything that is alive, makes you alive.”   

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Mia Scozzafave: A mix of boldness and grace

Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
Published in: life

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