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Ulloo 42 - a new way to upcycle - say hello, Miami!

Launched in January 2018, Ulloo 42 is the lifestyle brand you need to know. Artist Suzanne Currie and businesswoman Lise Abraham have started an upcycling movement with a high-end client in mind.

Ulloo 42 believes that similarly to previously loved art, you can and should, upcycle and re-love furniture as well. Sofas, tables, lamps and chaises among other types of furniture, are renovated and transformed into one-of-a-kind art pieces that will work perfectly in your home.
Recycling no longer has to be a drab affair, but can be something that you are inspired by and proud to be a part of. The Ulloo 42 collection is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face, as it has on ours.

Currie and Abraham are both British, but have both lived a very global life. This brightly colored international influence is a big part of what they create. For Ulloo 42, art and furniture have become one and the same. Their hope is to change the way furniture is perceived; from something that is simply utilitarian to an integral part of your house. They believe furniture should be a talking point and hope their products will become something to be treasured and passed on between the generations.

In today’s world, people can get whatever they want, whenever they want, but things are treated as disposable. Ulloo 42’s capsule collection of unique pieces aims to change this mindset, and instead create beautiful products that will last forever.

A love for the planet helped inspire Ulloo 42 - both Currie and Abraham saw the waste that is created around the world by the design industry and wanted to do things a little differently.

Around a decade ago, Currie began experimenting with collage art, and it is this format that she mainly uses for Ulloo 42. You will see her Original Collage Print on many of the fabrics, furniture, wallpaper and accessories. In the last ten years, she has created hundreds of original pieces, and still utilises the collage method to its full artistic potential.

Ulloo 42 is a brand run by powerful modern women, for modern women to enjoy. There is something for everyone, so whether you want to add a vibrant, multi-colored embroidered chaise to your living room, or pick up some fantastic earrings or coasters for you or a friend, Ulloo 42 is the place to go.

The name Ulloo 42 reflects the brand’s far-reaching inspiration. The word Ulo in Igbo, a Nigerian language, means home. The number 42 comes from the numeric answer to the most important question in the universe, according to the Douglas Adams novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

While Currie is in charge of the art direction, Abraham runs the business side of things. Behind her composed British manner, there is a will of steel that made their dream a reality. Like Currie, Abraham is a visionary and has been inspired by her travels around the world that started at a very young age.

The combined vision of these two women has led to a highly covetable brand that can refresh the feel and look of your home. With Ulloo 42, luxury has taken a new turn. Forget the stuffy interior design of the past, Ulloo 42 is the most exciting place to go for any of your interior needs.

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Ulloo 42 - a new way to upcycle - say hello, Miami!

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