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Walking Through Art Basal 2018 on Miami Beach

The preparation pouring into Art Basal each year in Miami Beach is always perfectly filled to the brim. Dangerously close enough to overflow yet relaxingly level with the glass rim. The space of the Miami Beach Convention Center is inviting. But not in a stuffy way which only welcomes flocks of art connoisseur and dealers. It's like a warm hug from your cool aunt who only comes around once a year. It's embracing. It's exciting and unique. It's fleeting.

The air of opulence can be deceiving. Yes, this event brings in the upper echlon of society, celebrities, athelthes and the gamut of "who's who". That isn't what makes Art Basal special each year. It's the fearless engagement in all things art. Film and photography are framed unfilitered to showcase the artist's subject. The echos of installation performances bellowing off of the ceilings move the audience beyond words. The sculptures and paintings relish in the ability to be anything or anyone in reblellious yet uniquely structured ways.

Boasting collections from over 250 galleries from almost every continent, and including voices from some of the most desolate parts of the world, Art Basal Miami Beach brought in over 70,000 visitors from various walks of life. Some enjoying local pieces and many others explicitly in attendance to take in the international beauty displayed by each artist and their work. This 17th edition comes at a perfect time to incorporate elements of political charge. Some pieces highlighting America's discourse and many others putting on display the tragedies of their own nations and homes. The only regreattable moment of this exceptional event is the end. Here's to holding our breath with great anticipation and enjoying the art around us until we're refilled with Art Basal Miami Beach 2019.

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Walking Through Miami Art Basal 2018

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