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History of Miami Spice

Miami Beach is well known throughout the world for its many events which are not only enjoyed by the residents but by hundreds of visitors as well. One of these events is called Miami Spice and runs from August l through September 30.

Looking for new events to attract visitors to Miami Beach, in 2001 The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau developed this event as a way to help visitors and local residents enjoy the many excellent restaurants in Miami. It was decided that the months of August and September would be ideal choices to present a new program as there were fewer events scheduled for this time.

Starting out with 40 local restaurants currently, there are more than 200 restaurants listed. In addition to dinner and lunch, brunch is offered in some locations with hotels offering packages with beautiful rooms and various restaurant offerings.

There are offerings for all types of budgets and tastes. For example, Brunches are available at $12.00, three-course lunches at $23 and three-course dinners at $39. Note: As a rule, these meals are triple this amount when not covered by this event. Also, things such as taxes and gratuities are in addition to the cost of the menu.

With 200 restaurants to choose from, it is difficult to list which one will best fit your particular desires. However, here are a few:

Agaveros Cantina at The Gates Hotel South Beach. This particular restaurant is particularly attractive to people who prefer South of the Border food. They present more than 75 mezcals and tequilas with eight types of appetizers, seven entrees and up to four desserts from which to choose. Things such as crab fritters red snapper ceviche, Gringo Burger and other offerings make this an ideal place to go to have a new eating experience.

Milos By Costas Spiliadis-Miami offers things such as Greek Meze Plate, Bigeye Tuna Tartare, Grilled Octopus, Grilled Salmon, and many other favorites. There are other offerings too numerous to list. They have received a 97% recommendation rating.

Cipriani Downtown Miami has a visitor recommendation of 90%. It offers a full bar, outdoor dining, private rooms and take out service. The restaurant is designed after Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy which allows participants to enjoy Italian type foods that are beautifully prepared and specially designed to appease anyone’s appetite.

Certain rules apply at different restaurants. Each restaurant offers regular and event menus. Some only feature Spice Menus certain days of the week and some sometimes only offer one or two Miami Spice offerings such as lunch and brunch. Always check before making a reservation.

Because this event is governed by strictly enforced rules, one can be sure of top-of-the-line food presentation that caters to all food tastes and offers the very best in a presentation. This allows one to not only learn about new foods but discover new ways to prepare old ones.

This Miami Spice Gala offers the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of menus at a reasonable price and is looked forward to each year by thousands who wish to enjoy an outstanding food experience. Add this event to many of the other excellent choices in the Miami Beach Area. It is an experience that will last a lifetime.

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History of Miami Spice

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