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Memorial Day Weekend South Beach Miami

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami Beach for over ten years has been associated with the Urban Beach Week gathering. This is the week when thousands of people from around the country come to Miami to party. It has always been super crazy and a bit over extreme movement of party-goers that would bring the whole Miami Beach to a complete stop. But this 2016 and the previous year the number of visitors has significantly dropped.

Actually this time around it felt like there were more people in police uniforms than people who came to party. Memorial Day Weekend on Miami Beach in 2016 defiantly did not feel the same as it was years ago. Washington Ave was completely empty, Collins Ave – no people either. And Ocean Drive did have a crowd, but it was a fraction of what Ocean Drive had seen during this time years before.

Needless to say Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend is no longer the destination for Urban Beach Week! At least that’s how it feels.

One thing to add… it was still fun, but this fun felt more “safer”, more relaxed compared to some previous Memorial Day Weeks from a few years back.

Good or not it’s for everyone to make their own judgment.

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Memorial Day Weekend Miami Beach

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Memorial Day Weekend 2016 Miami Beach - Urban Beach Week

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