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Miami Gets Inspired by Color Blind Fashion Designer

Without a doubt, Miami is on its way of becoming one of the hottest cities in the world for art, entertainment and of course fashion. Every year brings more fashion shows and designer exhibits to South Beach, Miami’s Wynwood and Design district.

With so much action it is no wonder why Miami is attacking more newbie fashion designers than any other city out there. But with demand there is always a challenge. These days many local Miami fashion designers, who are just starting in the fashion world, keep find excuses why it so difficult to prove yourself and get noticed in the industry.

To show our support, we want to share this wonderful story with all aspiring fashion newbies which ones again proves that if you have a dream and a will to work hard for it - anything is possible. This story is a about a color blind man from London, England, who became a successful fashion designer against all odds.

It all started when Ghramae Johnson overheard a conversation between his mother and aunt, what was said would change the direction of his life forever. His aunt turned to his mother and said, “Do you realize, we work 8 to 9 hours per day, doing something we don't even enjoy, only to clock out, go home and prepare to do it all again the next day?” This statement hit him like a ton of bricks and eventually became the spark that drove him to create his ultimate life. From that day on Ghramae knew he had to find a way of living his dream.

Through Ghramae’s quest to create this ultimate life his hunger grew for self development and knowledge connected to realizing his potential. This new found wisdom began to build a momentum on his path to success. His first accomplishment came when he entered the Fashion Industry. In 1984, Ghramae approached the international Pop group, Soul to Soul. The band had entered the scene in a massive way, a number 1 hit record that was taking the world by storm. They were one of the most popular phenomena to hit the pop scene in years.

Ghramae always had a love for fashion and apparel design. Although he was born color blind and with many telling him that a job as a fashion designer was impossible, Ghramae remained focused and positive. He approached confidently, convinced, negotiated and the rest is history. The internationally recognized group signed him as their senior designer via mona marketing.
Working with the group to develop and create products that would be worn by thousands upon thousands all over the world, was an achievement, not least for a color challenged person. At the same time as running an international fashion label Ghramae opened his own fashion retail shop.

Two years on, Ghramae took up an interest in trading cars, expensive classics to be exact, Importing them into England from the US, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and selling them to clients in Chealse and Kensington became lucrative. Though he loved his new venture, something was missing. Ghramae decided to enrolled in a University and began to further his interest in Psychology and other self development modules. Towards the end of his courses, Ghramae then started a new career sourcing Investment property for a group of high net worth Investors. His talent within this industry became evident and within 10 years he became the owner of an extensive property portfolio, including a block of apartments. He became a well sort out consultant and mentor.

In 2012, Ghramae authored his first book, entitled The PBE System - How to Become Financially Free Investing in Property. It featured a guide that would show investors a simple way to build property portfolios, create passive and recurring income and running it all, hands free.
Compiling a rich tapestry of experience and knowledge he naturally became a Life Coach and educator. Today he is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Success Coach who has used his turbulent life to build knowledge, strength and inner confidence to overcome the impossible.

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Miami Gets Inspired by Color Blind International Fashion Designer

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